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Latest ION News

Save the date! North America Regional Conference

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a N...

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Elements of a Change Strategy

Yankelovich, a research company, provided the world ...

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Serampore College, India

Dr. David Swarr recently visited Serampore College n...

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New Website Live! now has a fresh face! We are excited ...

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Latest from our ION Journal

Deciding and Planning Together

An introduction to participatory learning and communicati...

Case Studies From the Field

Helpful Observations and Case Studies from the Field: Dis...

Lions and Eagles and Estuaries: Oh My!

Leadership Lab provides another reminder of how valuable ...

Growing Awareness about Oral Communic...

An account of one literate preference worker’s experience...

Latest Articles

Knock, Knock – Introduction to Orality

This video highlights the importance of considering what communication methods truly communicate to oral learners. Concerning oral learners, this video also identifies what, who, where, and how many...

Storytelling with Bramuel Musya

Bramuel Musya, Regional Director - East Africa, describes the practice of storytelling ...

Communicating to Oral Learners

Samuel Chiang facilitates discussion about the use of oral communication strategies at ...

Recap – The Seven Disciplines of Orality

Charles Madinger summarizes all of the sessions on the Seven Disciplines in Orality

Arts – The Seven Disciplines of Orality

Erica Logan leads a session on the Arts & Orality - one of the Seven Disciplines

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