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ION Africa Consultation – Lubumbashi, August 21- 25, 2018

By DR VICTOR MADZIAKAPITA REGIONAL DIRECTOR FOR ION AFRICA AUGUST 28, 2018   Introduction ION Africa in its 2018 plan included the introduction of oralityto a French Speaking Country. The desire was to do this in DRC and at that time Bunya in Eas...

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ION Africa Consultation, 26-30 Nov 2018

Storytelling, arts and culture have been part of our tradition and culture in Africa. How do these and other traditions help in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ among oral learners? These and many other questions will be the focus of the ION Africa Co...

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Training Translators with an Oral Foundation

The first graduation for the Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation's inaugural School of Biblical Hebrew was held in late February 2018. 15 translators from 6 different nations were immersed in Biblical Hebrew for 8 months, in a program that starts...
ION Southeast Asia Convergence 2017

The vision of oral Bibleless unreached people groups began in 2010.  A strong conviction to develop a training program in response to that vision. In 2013, we had the first graduates of the Language and Culture Institute deployed to some of this oral Biblel...

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An Extraordinary Experience: An Insider’s Perspective on the 2017 NARION Conference

Recently, my husband Steven and I experienced the North American (NARION) Conference at the gorgeous Focus on the Family Welcome Center.  By the conclusion of the conference, without exception, we concurred that this time surpassed that of any other confere...

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Master Storyteller Launches at ION North America Regional Conference

4.2.20 Foundation announces the official release of the Master Storyteller full production, recently launched at the NAR ION conference held in Colorado Springs! Watch the trailer, order, share and explore at
ION Africa Jos Conference: Day 1

The West African Orality Consultation commenced today, the 18th of July, 2017, at the ECWA Headquarters International Conference Hall. The purpose of this consultation is to understand the theory, practice and impact of orality in sharing the gospel and gro...

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ION Africa Jos Conference: Day 2

Day 2 focused on practical descriptions of the practice of orality.  It sought to help participants analyse the different practices of oral learning and how storytelling has worked in different contexts in Africa.

ION Africa Jos Conference: Day 3

The West African Orality Consultation, held in Jos, Nigeria, came to a climax with discussions centred on sharing the impact of using orality in sharing the gospel and making disciples among oral learners in Africa.

4.2.20 Foundation & IBLT launch School of Biblical Hebrew

Dr. David Swarr, President & CEO of 4.2.20 Foundation, and Dr. Randall Buth, Vice President, Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation (IBLT), have announced the launch of the School of Biblical Hebrew (SBH), an 8-month full immersion program beginning...

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