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5 Lessons Learned While Living on Mission

The American culture trains us to be devastatingly independent with a front-runner, do it your own way approach. The Lord, however, desires us to humble ourselves to be willing to learn from each other and those who have gone before us. Here are five import...

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Loving across languages

Love is in the air… at least, it is in the grocery store where I can venture past an aisle of chocolates and breeze through balloons and roses on my way to the deli. I’m not seeing very many expressions of love on social media, though. We must not take our...

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5 Steps to Pray for the Unreached

Of all the things Jesus did while on earth, is it not interesting that the one thing his disciples specifically ask Jesus to teach them to do is pray?

4 Steps to unleash your first Bible story

Last blog post, we uncovered a way of sharing the Gospel that connects with 70% of the world, and instead of hitting straight-up against worldview barriers often leaves people asking for more: Bible storytelling. So, how do you start telling Bible stories? ...

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3 Ways Bible Storying can open hearts to God

For most people in our world, reading about Jesus will never connect to their heart, only hearing about him. And yet so many of our evangelism and disciple-making strategies rely on words printed on a page.

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