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A Word from the International Director (March 2021)

We don’t have a Bible in our heart language. Existing churches in our region overlook us because we seem to be so much of a challenge in sharing the Gospel.

A Word from the International Director (February 2021)

ION exists for action.  Yes, we talk, teach and promote orality and oral strategies.  In this new era everything we talk about, teach or promote expects intentional synergistic work – collaboration to reach the oral majority.  Often that process & progress ...

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Grudges Only God Can Heal

Emily trudged down a hallway packed with women. Passing two mothers with young children, she wondered if her own children would have been better off if they’d been born on the inside.

Moving Mountains

I would have died of trauma. Or if not that, I would have divorced my husband and continued living in sins. My depression was deep… but then the Spirit of God touched me during the listening program.

The Primacy of Partnership

We are in an incredible season—a season of unprecedented unity in which organizations around the world are serving each other at great cost to themselves for the sake of the Kingdom.

Global Bible Apps

God is limitless. Access to His Word, the Bible, should be too! The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to provide people everywhere with free access to God’s Word through Audio Bibles in every translated language.

Speaking Hope to the World

In a Middle Eastern room shuttered to the outside world, around a village campfire in southern Africa, on a crowded bus in eastern Europe, TWR reaches out to individuals every day to tell them how they can be more than conquerors through Christ.
The Bible like you have never experienced before

Whether in a home setting with just a smartphone, or in a 360˚ projection dome equipped with moving seats, wind, mist, scent, bubbles, snow, and flying actors, imagine experiencing the Bible as a participant in the great Story.

Scripture in your hands

SIL has developed a free tool for translators to get the precious Scriptures in the hands of the people quickly and cheaply.  Scripture App Builder helps anyone to build customized Scripture apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. 

The Voice of God Speaking to Siberian Hearts

"I tried to read the Russian Bible, but I didn’t understand a thing.” Anton's next question was, “Have you read the Nanai Gospel of Luke?” He was gearing up to give her the natural line about how reading in the language of the heart makes a significant diffe...

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Now Hear This! Recording Trip Stories Ep1

Listen to the pilot episode of “Now Hear This!” – a new podcast from Faith Comes By Hearing! In it, host Aaron talks with Mark, one of FCBH staff, about his most recent recording trip to a small island off of the coast of Alaska, St. Lawrence. The testimony...
ION Africa Consultation, 26-30 Nov 2018

Storytelling, arts and culture have been part of our tradition and culture in Africa. How do these and other traditions help in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ among oral learners? These and many other questions will be the focus of the ION Africa Co...

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One Family at a Time, Transformed Lives

Listen to this couple's inspiring testimony of coming to faith through stories. Are you spending time listening for and seeking the Lord with the needs of your spouse or close family? What is keeping you from moving past some possible strongholds in growin...

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Orality in Refugee Resettlement Communities

On my first day of school as a newly minted high school English teacher, I faced two classes of low-level seniors. They stared back at me, 23 years old, barely older than they. One student bragged, “We got rid of a teacher and two subs last year. How long d...

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Every Believer is a “Storyteller”

Enthusiasm for learning how to share God’s Word through the oral arts is repeated with every new Scriptures In Use field partner we add to our efforts. With approximately 90% of the remaining unreached, unengaged people groups living in oral cultures, SIU a...
Celebrating 50 Audio Scriptures!

Please join us to celebrate and rejoice in all that God has done! This month marks the completion of our 50th audio scripture. By God's grace and your generous support, 50 people groups now have access to scripture in a format they can engage with AND in a ...

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Training Translators with an Oral Foundation

The first graduation for the Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation's inaugural School of Biblical Hebrew was held in late February 2018. 15 translators from 6 different nations were immersed in Biblical Hebrew for 8 months, in a program that starts...
Bible 365

Bible 365 provides the pure spiritual milk of God's Word that allows believers to grow up into salvation. Designed as a resource to promote Scripture engagement among oral learners, Bible 365 offers listeners a valuable passage of Scripture for every day of...

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Indigenous Storying Dignifies Local Languages

In the tiny island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe just off the coast of west Africa, national leaders participated in a recent seminar. Among those invited were the President, Prime Minister as well as Ministers of Education, Culture, Sciences and Communic...

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An Instant Tool for Evangelism in Your Pocket

At the open day one of GRN's staff accessed on John's phone. Later that day John visited his 80 year old neighbor at Westmead Hospital. She sat up on the bed amazed and bewildered as John shared the gospel with her using his phone. The lady was s...

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Telling an oral Bible story by a flowing stream in Africa

We stopped by a flowing stream for a drink of good mineral water. It so happened that there were a few people there. They were filling five-gallon plastic drums from the free flowing water to carry on their heads back to the village. I started telling the s...

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Bringing Film-making Fun to Young Viewers

A new SAT-7 program documents an innovative children’s film project in Cairo, Egypt. City of Films follows young film-makers as they learn new skills in a unique “play city”, sharing the valuable experience with audience members who cannot take part in person.

A Glimmer of Hope

This summer, StoryRunners joined forces again with E3, a partner mission agency based in Dallas, Texas. We sent one of our team leaders, Hallie, to revisit the *Haka people, an un-engaged and unreached people group who live in a restricted country in Centra...

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Equipping the Next Generation

The future of the Middle East and North Africa will be defined by its next generation. Join with thousands of Christians across the globe from 5–12 November to pray for SAT-7’s work in equipping people’s lives.
ION Africa Jos Conference: Day 1

The West African Orality Consultation commenced today, the 18th of July, 2017, at the ECWA Headquarters International Conference Hall. The purpose of this consultation is to understand the theory, practice and impact of orality in sharing the gospel and gro...

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ION Africa Jos Conference: Day 2

Day 2 focused on practical descriptions of the practice of orality.  It sought to help participants analyse the different practices of oral learning and how storytelling has worked in different contexts in Africa.

ION Africa Jos Conference: Day 3

The West African Orality Consultation, held in Jos, Nigeria, came to a climax with discussions centred on sharing the impact of using orality in sharing the gospel and making disciples among oral learners in Africa.

Intersection: Stories Impacting women in Ethiopia

Genet Elias is a Bible storyteller in the Esther Project Ethiopia. Following a proven method, she learns stories, practices telling them and encourages other women to do the same. The confidence she gained from Bible storytelling helped Genet share God’s Wo...

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Village by village

To answer God’s call to translate Scripture, Victor and Shanta have followed a long, hard road. They are Indian, but they are far from home. And the cost has been high. The state where they now would live has more than three times the people than their hom...

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Sharing Bible stories in a hard place

“You can’t take my bike — I’ll give it to you.” The man left Abigail alone. And the bike behind. The threat was nothing new to Abigail. The confidence with which she confronted the man is newer.

And it was really beautiful

I wanted a band. I wished we could have our own songs. We have them in Tagalog and English, but not in Ifugao. So we just prayed about it. I said to one of the musicians, “Can you help me find some singers? If we have singers, I will try to find funding f...

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Orality in Education

On my first day of school as a newly minted high school English teacher, I faced two classes of low-level seniors. They stared back at me, 23 years old, barely older than they. One student bragged, “We got rid of a teacher and two subs last year. How long d...

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4.2.20 Foundation & IBLT launch School of Biblical Hebrew

Dr. David Swarr, President & CEO of 4.2.20 Foundation, and Dr. Randall Buth, Vice President, Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation (IBLT), have announced the launch of the School of Biblical Hebrew (SBH), an 8-month full immersion program beginning...

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More Than Just Stories

More and more missionaries around the world are learning just how valuable orality method is when working with oral people groups. As we learn more about orality, some mission groups like Living Water International are finding applications that minister to ...

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Found in Translation: Misikir Mulugeta

“Do you really believe that one needs to be literate to become a good disciple of the Lord?” When we train people to share Bible stories in oral cultures here in Ethiopia, we start with that question.

Proclaiming the word of God

Sometimes translating the Bible is a long process. Take the Bakossi language of Cameroon, for example, the project first started in 1974. The running of the project was taken over by CABTAL*  during the  1990s and the Bible was finally launched in 2011, 37 ...

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Baptism by Fire

John answered them all, saying, “I baptize you with water, but he who is mightier than I is coming, the strap of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” – Luke 3:16

The Bible for the Unreached

Did you know that there are about 400 sign languages in the world and none of them yet have the whole of the Bible? Deaf Opportunity Outreach (DOOR) International, which has a centre in Kenya, is working to change this.

Where God Speaks

The Apurímac region of South-Central Peru takes its name from the Quechua language and means where the gods speak. The locals say that is because the mountains in the area seem to be talking to each other. However, the One True God is speaking, working thro...

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Caught in the Chaos | ION Community News
Caught in the Chaos

Praying, Caring and Sharing: Surviving the Brussels Terrorist Attacks By Jerry Wiles, President Emeritus, Living Water International, Special to ASSIST News Service

Ethnoarts – Creating culturally authentic Bibles

Wycliffe UK writes: "In most Western cultures, important messages are communicated in print. Many other cultures around the world, however, communicate important messages through pictures. One such culture is found in Wewak, Papua New Guinea, among speakers...

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Orality in America

“Orality in America” is project of the Mission America Coalition. MAC is the USA arm of Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. A workgroup of evangelical leaders have researched and written chapters on different aspects of orality. And most of the o...

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