One country, five months, five New Testament launches

Exciting events in Tanzania in the coming months reflect how the pace of Bible translation is accelerating.

The Power of Curiosity

Children naturally have lots of questions and a healthy curiosity “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning,” so said William Arthur Ward, one of America’s most quoted writers.  Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately...

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South Carolina church turns ‘trash into cash’ for missions

Rodney Howard, center, teaching pastor at Salt and Light Church, Sumter, S.C. gathers bags of metal cans, broken appliances and scrap metal along with the help of Jerry Burke, a retired post office carrier. IMB Photo The 80-year-old man crawls halfway into ...

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Youth voices in Lebanon

Lebanon, Our Story seeks to tap into the power of storytelling in order to write a new, shared story for Lebanon, one based on openness, transparency, and accountability. The project was formed in response to poor civic engagement and social erosion driven ...

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Harvest joy among the Yao people

​​​The joy of the Holy Spirit is in rich abundance as many are coming to know Christ among the Yao people group in Eastern Malawi.

A Conference You Won’t Want to Miss!

We are thrilled to invite you to our 2023 KIDStory Conference on February 24th and 25th. This is an event for those with a heart to disciple children and those serving in missions around the world! Between the two days, we have a variety of breakout session...

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The Power of Curiosity

One of the things we notice about most young children is that they have a healthy curiosity and ask a lot of questions.  They learn fast because of their inquisitiveness and hunger for knowledge.

A Walk of Faith Begins with a Step of Faith

It’s a vivid memory for me the first time, that I know of, that I was responsible for someone else coming to faith in Christ. During my freshman year in college, I made friends with a Japanese foreign exchange student, named Asada.  He was a Judo Black Belt...

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No Text? No Problem. The Advent of Oral Bible Translation

Everyone needs God’s Word, so Faith Comes By Hearing works hard to expand the audience around Scripture’s life-saving message. How? By recording and freely providing Audio Bibles in the world’s languages.

Timing, common ground, and fruitfulness in witness

Those who abide in Christ will produce much fruit After more than a decade of cultivating a relationship with one of our neighbors, I finally got around to having a conversation with him about spiritual matters.  I’ve been thinking, “why didn’t I do this so...

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A future where everyone has the Bible in their language

More people now have more of the Bible in the language they know best than ever before. In 2020, for the first time, speakers of over 700 languages had access to the complete Bible in their language.

Worth and Value in the Kingdom of God

We hear a lot these days about the need for more fairness and equality. People often get the idea that their worth or value is based on their salary, possessions, title or position in society.

The Tablet of your Heart

Houston, TX (ANS) – A new study reveals how Bible reading has declined greatly in North America over recent years. “Spending time in the Word of God” is a phrase that has been around for some time.

An Answer to Prayer: The Proclaimer

From dial-up to high-speed internet, the world around us constantly transforms as innovations arise. At Faith Comes By Hearing, this need for constant innovation is ever present. More than twenty years ago, Faith Comes By Hearing dedicated our ministry to s...

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Fifteen Percent of the Bible is Poetry!

Not only in Kyrgyzstan, but across Central Asia and beyond we often note that poetic recitation inspires deep emotion and cultural identification with the biblical text, largely because it is a part of the still existing, oral tradition. The presence of poe...

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Losing Everything, Yet Gaining More: Tom and Elly Streeter Celebrate 50th TWR Anniversary

TWR missionaries Tom and Elly Streeter spent 33 years serving in Monaco before relocating to TWR’s offices in the Netherlands and subsequently Cary, North Carolina. Both their daughters, Jennifer and Rachelle, were born in Monaco. It was the ultimate ...

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Water and the Word, for Life, In Jesus’ name

There is much speculation and there are many theories about the origin and history of water on earth. However, for those of us who believe in the authority and accuracy of the Scriptures, we can accept the fact that God created water, as He is the Creator o...

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Leadership for Life

Houston, TX (ANS) – The most important aspect to consider in relation to leadership is leading others to a relationship with Christ.  There are many factors to take into consideration when we think of effective leadership, but only a few have eternal benefi...

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Access to God’s Word proves life changing among UPG

IMB missionaries Andy and Marie Hoffman served more than 11 years without seeing any fruit among their unreached people group (UPG) in North Africa. During those years, the family and their partners built relationships and shared the gospel with these nomad...

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How God Transformed a Community

Orality Training for Trainers in Ethiopia HOUSTON, TX (ANS) —Over a period of about five years, Living Water International, in partnership with local churches, conducted Orality Training with more than 1,200 pastors, evangelists, missionaries and church pla...

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