From Many Gods to the God Who Sustains


After giving her heart and soul to doing everything she knew to do to be accepted by the gods, Prisha* felt downcast … and empty.

“I was born into a non-Christian family and used to worship many gods and goddesses,” explained Prisha, who lives in central India.  “I used to follow all the rituals and fast for various gods. Performing so many rituals religiously didn’t make me or anyone else in my family happy.”

They were at a loss as to how to approach, let alone to handle, the multiple problems they were facing. Prisha considered going to a nearby church for help but knew that her non-Christian relatives would be upset at her for taking such a step.

One day, a Christian pastor heard about Prisha’s plight and told her about the radio program The Word Today, aired by TWR in the Gondi language, spoken in that part of the country. “If you can’t come to church, why don’t you listen to the program?” he suggested.

Prisha listened to the broadcast in private. Her heart was stirred by what she heard – how much God loved her and sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for her sins and how she could experience his grace if she turned to and received him as her Savior.

This was a liberating message. Prisha realized that she could not earn salvation but that God lovingly offered his forgiveness through his Son Jesus Christ.

“I began listening regularly, and one day on the program during the prayer time, I sensed God assuring me by saying, ‘I am your God who delivers you, and I will sustain you,’” she recalled. “I believed on his words and prayed continually.”

Prisha boldly told her family and relatives of her decision to follow Jesus Christ. They were not happy at first, but as they saw continued change in her life, they, too, started to listen and committed their lives to Christ. Through the program, they discovered they could trust God with their problems.

“Soon his deliverance started manifesting in my family, and we all rejoiced in the Lord,” Prisha exclaimed.

Since then, Prisha has led a radio home group in her area to help others listen to The Word Today. God’s Spirit has clearly been active!

“The Lord Jesus is working in the lives of people and changing them through his Word,” she said. “Many have accepted him as their personal Savior. Praise God!”

The Lord has been at work in other parts of India as well. Aditya* is paralyzed and lives in the eastern part of the country. Though he is bedridden, he remains encouraged. Why so positive?

Aditya regularly listens to the Oriya version of Sampark, the translated In Touch program, also aired by TWR. Its upbeat and practical Bible teaching helps to spiritually feed Aditya.

“In my circumstances, radio is my only source of hope and blessing,” he said. “If not for radio, I would have been the loneliest person in the world. Amidst all of my suffering, it is your program that provides encouragement. It is the Word of God that gives me a desire to live.”

Please continue to pray for the impact that Christ-centered Bible teaching is making throughout India via TWR. And that more people will respond to the gospel and more people will follow him as Lord.

* Pseudonyms are used to protect the listeners’ anonymity.

Richard Greene is a longtime journalist and feature writer who has traveled to more than 60 countries. In addition to serving with TWR, he worked for The Navigators, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse. He and his wife, Lynda, live in the mountains of western North Carolina.


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