Hannah’s Vision


That which would become Gospel Films had its start in a vision: that someday, every people group could encounter Jesus through beautifuland accuratevisual Bibles. Hannah Leader, LUMO films producer, shares how the LUMO Project came to be. Praise God for His plan!

“I first started to think about filming the Gospels when my church installed a screen and I wanted to be able to show Bible footage to my Sunday School members: children who were from very diverse ethnic backgrounds. I could only find films for children depicting a very white, blue-eyed Jesus, which seemed educationally inaccurate and didn’t help my children relate to Jesus. I then wondered about which translation of the Bible I should use—I wanted everyone to be able to use the version they knew and loved. That led to the ‘voiceover’ concept. I started thinking I would just do short readings for worship and children’s work, but then it grew into an ambition to film all four Gospels when I got funding.

“When I started discussing the project with the Bible Societies, I quickly learned just how many different translations there were—so exciting! I don’t think I had ever realized. So of course I wanted the same thing for LUMO: I wanted a thousand languages, because that means that people who have never been able to experience the Gospels visually in their own language would get that chance, and that can be transformational. It’s so important for children who learn visually and for those who are unable to read. And by using an actor for Jesus who looks Middle Eastern, it allows everyone to relate to Him and His disciples.

I believe that Faith Comes By Hearing and LUMO share a common vision for enabling access to all the wonder of the Word of God as expressed in the Gospels. Biblical illiteracy is a problem worldwide—not just because of functional illiteracy, but also because people have gotten out of the habit of reading and studying the Bible. Using technology with audio and visual media allows us 21st-century access to the Word.”

We thank God for Hannah and the vision He gave her to reach the world with the Gospel through film. Find out more about our partnership with LUMO and about Gospel Films here.

Obtaining Gospel Films

Gospel Films are provided to our partners at no cost for their ministry purposes. LUMO and Faith Comes By Hearing are striving to offer the widest possible access through physical and digital formats, and we are eager to collaborate with partners to determine which methods of distribution will result in effective and fruitful Scripture engagement.

The Bible.is website streams all available Gospel Films for online viewing. If you would like to request for an available Gospel Film for watching groups, simply follow this link and fill out the short request form: https://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/landing/gospel-films-terms

If you would like to request Gospel Films for a language not in the above list (where Faith Comes By Hearing has recorded an Audio Bible), please email [email protected].

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