Making the Best Use of our Time

By Joseph W. Handley

As we entered 2015 a few weeks ago, I found it interesting that the Lord spoke into my life at least three different times, from three different sources unbeknownst to one another, and all saying essentially the same thing. The picture you see here was the final incident as I was watching the film, “The Fellowship of the Rings” from Tolkein’s masterpiece trilogy, The Lord of the Rings:

‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.’ – Gandalf the Grey

Not long before watching this film, I met with a well known Chinese Leader (an Asian Access alumnus) who said: “Thank you for your and A2’s great influence on our country. You have played an important role for the Church of China and I ask that you would leverage your influence to further this impact.”

Just a few days prior, Samuel Chiang from the International Orality Network and A2 reference council member shared a similar concept. He essentially suggested that my and A2’s influence is now such that we have gained a ‘statesman’s like’ stature and we need to be judicious in how we use it.

How humbling all of this was to hear!

As I thought further about the task the Lord has given to Asian Access and to me, I’m reminded about how important it is for us to prayerfully seek the Lord’s face as we move into this new year and into the next several years. The Lord has given A2 great favor: from the tsunami that swept through S and SE Asia in 2004, to the triple disaster that hit Japan in 2011, and to the influence we now seem to garner from many corners of the world. Even Charity Navigator has taken notice as their CEO mentioned we are one of only 7% of charities that has received their four star rating 4 years in a row and thus our effectiveness is top tier.

Given this favor, it’s important to take heed to these words of wisdom and live into God’s calling to leverage our influence and make the best use of our time. Reflect for yourself on the following verses and their surrounding contexts and discern how the Lord might be speaking to you as the new year begins!

“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” – Ephesians 5:15-17

“from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” – 1 Chronicles 12:32

“David had served God’s purpose in his own generation…” Acts 13:36



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