Oralities and Literacies: Implications for Communication and Education

Oralities and Literacies: Implications for Communication and Education

Charles Madinger, Editor

Oralities and Literacies is long overdue in the sequence of publications focused on the Oral Majority. This volume reflects an emerging approach to publication that begins with a static version (e-publication and hard copy) with embryonic content. The responses to the authors are currently a work in progress to be added over a longer period of time, authors can revise their ideas, examples or even conclusions, and as readers interact with those ideas and examples they may also add to the dialogue.

The content of the book originated at a forum for ministry leaders and theological educators hosted by Oklahoma Baptist University: Orality and Literacies: Implications for Communication and Education. The articles (now chapters in this volume) were written in advance so that forum participants could reflect and respond to the thoughts and practices set out by each contributor. A moderator (Grant Lovejoy) interviewed the contributors and led the entire group into discussions on Oralities and Literacies, Oralities/Literacies in Ministry, and Oralities/Literacies and Theological Education. Each of the ensuing discussions was audio recorded and will provide a “response” addendum to each chapter as the digi-book grows over the next weeks and months.

As a “digi-book” you can read it, send comments or suggested revisions to the editor, and those suggestions could easily appear in the volume in a matter of days. More research? We’ll insert or reference it as any peer reviewed journal might filter and accept any relevant contributions to the topic. The links to projects, organizations or other materials have the ability to take footnotes and citations into the 21st century. Likewise, the embedded audio and video files may help you relate as you meet the authors or see and hear examples they think may be helpful. You can also send those kinds of files for digi-revisions.


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