Praise Reports From Around the World

By Heart Sounds International

Heart Sounds International shares some praise reports from around the world:


We recently received an amazing update on the fruit of a past HSI project in Tanzania! Our Tanzanian host said:

“I am very happy to tell you that the songs recorded in 2014 and back to us 2015 brought amazing results in our communities. We planted a new church two weeks ago after running a songs festival for five days. The impact of these songs brought many to Christ, and now there is a church…with 65 new born again members.

“They came to realize there is a great God that can be worshiped and praised instead of their god called ‘Geriwish,’ We thank God for those who recorded and edited the songs in this powerful, traditional-beliefs community. Through these songs God acted quickly through His Love and saved these 65 people, and we believe more still to come. Glory to God!” (quotation edited slightly for clarity)


South Asia:

One of our founders has a ministry in South Asia and spends a few months every year there. During his time there, he teaches audio engineering and recording. He received word from his friends that the student recording of new songs has gone gold, representing over ½ million downloads. Thrilling how this music is being used.


HSI recently partnered with WEC to hold a songwriting workshop in Belgium. Some of the attendees led worship for an OM event where several thousands of European teenagers gathered. The leaders were asked to teach some workshops at the event, and they incorporated some of the techniques that they previously learned. Thirty-five students worked together to write songs in German, English, Dutch and French. The leader said:

“More exciting than that was the excitement of these future worship leaders that writing Biblically sound songs for the church didn’t have to be nearly as scary or complicated as they thought… What a joy to see my team keep solidifying what they learned as they pass it on, as well as to see a new generation of worshippers inspired to come up with their own heart worship!”

Fueled by teaching from WEC on multi-cultural worship during his time in Belgium, God placed an idea on the heart of the leader to showcase the diversity of God’s people through the use of a song. Teenagers speaking 14 different languages all sang together in this closing song of the event.

God is moving, and it is wonderful to see how God is using HSI to further his Kingdom.

By Heart Sounds International, a ministry of OM Arts


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