Praying for Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples

By Linda Bemis

Praying for Oral & Oral Bible-less Peoples


For those new to the Orality Movement or International Orality Network (ION), you might not be aware of the prayer effort behind the work. We invite you to join in and be a part of the Great Commission work of the Father.

A little history on ION Prayer. . .

There is a small group who started out praying for one executive (Avery Willis) who introduced us to a whole new world. The world of seeing the LOST, those peoples who still were waiting to hear the life changing news of the Gospel and God’s great gift of salvation through Christ Jesus. From that small group, God launched a global group who link in united prayer each week.

While we started out praying alongside one executive, God allowed the more. Today we continue to pray for the group of executives that quietly continue to meet three times a year. These managing partners are working to reach ZERO. Zero people groups that have not heard the Gospel. They continue to work toward having every people group with someone working on a strategy of getting the Gospel in where previously there was no one wanting to go to. They are valiantly working toward the finishing of the task in the 639 UUPG List. Remembering back to the beginning of hearing of this listing of people groups who each had over 100,000 people in their populations and in which NO ONE was working toward having in place a strategy of bringing the Gospel to them.

Fast forward 10 years, that same work has had remarkable answers in prayer. But in recent years a new focus has come into view. Research found many do not have critical pieces needed in place. Critical essential elements of the Great Commission like Scripture for All (Romans 10:17), Evangelism for the Unreached (Mark 16:15), Discipleship for the Churched (Matthew 28:19-20) need to be firmly in place as movements are started. These are very strategic to bringing transformation of the heart to come to pass.

The research revealed little to no Scripture access was available for many people groups across the globe in heart languages: Including NO Written Scriptures, NO Oral Scriptures, NO Jesus Film, NO Gospel Recordings, NO Radio Programs, NO Churches & NO Believers.

Did you know that there are still 1,778 People Groups that do not have ONE VERSE of Scripture in their heart language?!

For many the message just can not or will not be able to be received, because it comes in a format or mode that will not reach them at a heart level. Heart level is where transformation happens! God’s message really needs to be heard. . .

They found the numbers of Oral Learners are very high. . .

Did you know?  80% of the world are oral learners, 5.6 Billion people and of that number over 1/2 are children… These numbers should catch our attention!

As those involved with ION, we are asking the King in the face of this great need across the globe for those who still wait to hear the transformational message of God’s great gift of the Gospel, the Good News. . . Would He prompt more to pray?

Father, draw us to a place that we might notice that the reality of Your plan to reach the EVERY AND ALL has not changed, but maybe we might need to make a shift, that results in more fruitfulness in reaching those who still wait to hear.

The International Orality Network, the Orality Movement is on the cutting edge of influencing the Body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners. We invite you to join in praying not just for those who are going, but for those they are going to. . . The billions of Oral & Oral Bible-less who need to hear the Gospel and the gift of saving knowledge of the Salvation gift of Jesus in a way that will allow them to really receive.


We are asking God to call out pray-ers and intercessors for the Nations and People Groups who still wait… Continue to pray with us for Oral Peoples & Oral Bible-less Peoples. Sign-up here:

How do we reach them?!  It all begins with PRAYER

We are asking you to step in together to see what God is doing and how we can come alongside each other for the sake of those who still wait… Linking in a “two way discussion/prayer format” so together, we might see an invisible, yet tangible platform from which the “need” can go forth to every prayer group across the globe to be involved in praying for the unreached.  We are just thinking out loud! And persistently prevailing to the Lord for such a venue. 

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