SAT-7 Shares Church Messages as One Body During Pandemic


Through its non-denominational approach, SAT-7 is providing viewers spiritual messages from churches to unite believers in Christ. Since the first week of the coronavirus crisis, videos from churches in Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Jordan continue to pour in from viewers and church leaders to show encouragement and support.

“We thank the Lord because we are under His protection so, we will not fear the coronavirus or any other, but we trust in the Lord and rely on Him with all our hearts,” shared Pastor Emmanuel Ghareed from Kuwait, in a video message.

Another video message from Algeria, shared by church member Salah said, “God’s peace surpasses all understanding. There’s fear of the coronavirus but our God says don’t fear for I am your God. This gives us hope and peace to overcome this pandemic and return to the Lord in repentance and humility.”

Encouragement from church leaders

The three main churches: Coptic, Catholic and Evangelical are donating 6 million EGP in total for Tahya Misr Fund to help in supporting medical services and staving off the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The leaders of these churches are staying in contact with their congregations online since the closure of churches and activities.

“Sometimes life doesn’t give us enough time to make amends so if you are in strife with others, God is giving you a chance now,” shared Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros in a video message. “Pray and seek God’s mercy from this evil. Use the energy that you have instead of reading and spreading news, to pray.”

SAT-7 ARABIC engaging with viewers

Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros

SAT-7 is encouraging viewers to engage in praise and worship through its weekly live programs and church services from Egypt and Lebanon as well as on social media.

Ask Dr Maher, a special live broadcast on SAT-7 ARABIC every week addresses viewers’ fears and gives them spiritual guidance at a time when they are feeling lonely and isolated from the church body. “God is with is all the time before and during the pandemic crisis. He didn’t bring on this pandemic for people to return to Him, but He is using it to tell us that He’s with us. As C.S. Lewis says God’s voice in painful times becomes loud like a scream,” Dr Maher Samuel, presenter of the program says.

Presenters Marianne and Rawad from the popular counseling program From Heart to Heart, shared their own experience staying at home for a week praying and spending more time with the Lord. They encouraged viewers to do the same.

“Let’s be one body in Christ and grab the opportunity to listen to sermons whenever possible without discrimination over denominations or churches,” Rawad said.

“Let’s drop our differences and be like the first century church when they were all one body in Christ,” Marianne said.


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