Teaching and Equipping Christians in the MENA



The continued conflict and unrest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are directly impacting the lives of more than 50 million Arabic speakers. As a result, there is a spiritual hunger for truth, change and peace. SAT-7 is a beacon providing spiritual guidance to its audience of 21.5 million Arabic people. Viewers are responding: in 2016, SAT-7’s ARABIC Facebook pages attracted almost 3 million ‘Likes’ and there were nearly 19 million video views, a third more than in 2015.

Amidst danger and uncertainty, SAT-7 viewers are grappling to live faithfully for God. One way in which SAT-7 is seeking to teach and equip Christians in the MENA is through the TEACH project (Theological Education for Arab Christians at Home). TEACH aims to provide systematic theological teaching for Arab believers who often have no other means of receiving it. This encompasses a raft of interesting television programmes ranging through documentaries, game shows, dramas, talk shows and web series. All of them seek to offer viewers a deeper theological understanding, leadership and pastoral skills, using content developed by Bible colleges in the region.

Over four series, Dear Jessy, hosted by Jessy Tohme, a well-respected marriage facilitator, led the audience to a better understanding of pastoral counselling and Christian ethics, using drama based on real-life stories and conversation covering all kinds of issues. Examples addressed in the fourth season included leadership, character building, listening skills, and the use of money and time. One viewer commented on an episode on You Tube: “wonderful episode, this is an example of the virtuous Christian woman”.


In Spring 2017, SAT-7 will build on this success with an exciting new web series, H2O. Short, straight to the point and visually engaging, H20 covers the essentials of Christian faith such as building a Christian family, effective leadership, developing your personal relationship with God and the life teachings of Jesus. The short programmes make good use of graphics and music to ensure the key teaching elements come across clearly, whilst also encouraging viewers to meditate on the content.

Emphasising how the TEACH series is inspiring people to apply the truth of God’s word to their everyday lives, producer Juliana Sfeir, explains: “it’s all about theological teaching but also a full-fledged holistic and creative approach to Christian education”.


  • Give thanks for the innovative way biblical truths and Christian teaching is being woven into the TEACH series.
  • Pray for the new H20 web series, that it would equip Christians with practical and spiritual wisdom. Pray for Christians seeking to live out their values with their family, friends and at work.
  • Give thanks for how Dear Jessy gave viewers a clearer understanding of Christian ethics.
  • Pray for Juliana Sfeir – for wisdom and clarity as she produces the TEACH series. Pray for all who are involved in leading Christian education across the region.



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