Thru the Bible Gives Suicidal Man a Reason to Live


The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the lives of billions of people around the world. Some have lost friends and loved ones, while others have lost their livelihood. Satan has used the pandemic to spread loneliness, isolation and hopelessness. But the lowest points of one’s life are often the best opportunities for God to transform hearts for him.

Antoni’s world was upended when his small restaurant was closed down due to the lockdown. His already limited income came to a screeching halt, causing his life to undergo drastic changes to the point he felt he could adapt no further. Despairing, Antoni fell deep into depression and attempted to take his own life. He was almost successful, but by God’s providence, a friend found him lying unconscious on the floor of his apartment and rushed him to the hospital.

When Antoni was well enough to return home, his friend took him in so he wouldn’t be alone during this challenging time. Antoni noticed his friend listening to Thru the Bible (TTB), and in the small apartment he couldn’t help but overhear the messages. He listened each day for the month that he stayed, and his heart was gripped by what he heard.

Even after returning home, Antoni continued to tune in to TTB every day. Antoni writes, “after three months, I found the meaning of life and a new goal: to turn away from this evil world and find a community of people thinking about their personal salvation in Jesus Christ, as I am today.”

Antoni expresses that through this program, he has hope for his future and eternity. Despite the incredible challenges the past year has brought to his career and life, he has a reason to live in even the darkest times.

Rosie McMahan is a rising senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, double majoring in Communications and Human Development & Family Studies. A North Carolina native, Rosie loves visiting the beach and mountains, as well as playing sand volleyball with friends. Rosie is serving this summer with TWR at the Cary office as a Journalism intern in the Marketing and Communications department.


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