Transformed Lives

By Global Frontier Missions

Despite cultural and language barriers, God has been moving and creating opportunities for Global Frontier Mission staff and Missionary Training School students to build new relationships with Muslim families. Many of these families have been open to hearing the Gospel but did not have previously have access to Christians willing to share it.

Earlier this year, Charlotte and another member of our GFM staff were introduced to a family from the Middle East through a mutual friend. They were invited to visit the mother and her adult daughter in their home.

While visiting, the mother shared that she had a dream the year the daughter was born, yet still did not understand its meaning. As she recounted the dream, the Lord gave Charlotte understanding. The man standing outside the mother’s door was Jesus, and her room was filled with His light. Charlotte shared Revelation 3:20 with both women,

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”

Afterwards, she explained what it meant to follow Jesus and welcome Him into their hearts. Though it is typical for those from Muslim backgrounds to take time making decisions of faith, both women accepted Jesus as Savior that day.

Charlotte related, Their salvation made a great impact on my life, and I understood that the Lord is more than able to draw people near to Him.

God is truly in the business of transforming lives here on Earth and in Heaven.  During the visit, our team prayed specifically for the daughter, as she faces health challenges including epilepsy.  Since then, she feels that the Lord is healing her and restoring her health.

When we see God moving in others, we can be encouraged by their stories. A great next step is to pray for Him to mold our hearts and use us to share in the ways and locations in which we are uniquely given.

Charlotte is a testament to this, as she has found her calling here with GFM, forming relationships, sharing the Gospel, and building community.  As someone originally from South Asia, she understands what it is like, both to grow up in a warm culture, and to experience the culture shock that comes with moving to the United States. This understanding helped her build trust with the mother-daughter pair and others in the local community.

When asked for advice for others seeking to reach people from different faith backgrounds, Charlotte emphasized the importance of embracing people where they are. She shared, “When we reach out to them, we need to make them feel comfortable. Instead of bringing them to a coffee shop to have a conversation about Jesus, we may want to think about going to their house. Because that is their comfortable place. It is not [normal in] American culture, but I believe we can afford to be uncomfortable in order to share the gospel with them in their comfort zone.

As E.M. Bounds wrote, “The success of all real missionary effort is dependent on prayer.” Would you pray for these two new believers and others across the world to be strong disciples of Jesus Christ? Also, would you pray for disciple-makers like Charlotte to receive wisdom and revelations as they lead and guide new believers to become mature followers of Christ?


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