Upping Their Game – the Bible.is App

By Keith Williams

Upping Their Game – the Bible.is AppIt’s not uncommon to go back to a ministry app and find that it hasn’t been updated in years or, even worse, that it is no longer available. Thankfully, that’s not the story of Faith Comes by Hearing’s Bible.is app, which has gone through significant changes recently.

Bible.is still provides audio Scriptures in 1400+ languages, and they now create ways to see the Gospels. With word-for-word accuracy, the app has integrated hundreds of LUMO Project gospel videos in as many languages. It’s impressive to see how 397 new gospel video clips covering nine languages were just added last week, and their progress shows no signs of slowing.

Once you choose a language in Bible.is,  you can use the app to either read, listen, to or see the Gospels. You can also create playlists and share materials with others.

The app’s interface has gone through updates lately, so watch these brief videos to learn how you can gain maximum effect from Bible.is :

General Tutorial

Downloading for Offline Use:

Sharing a Language:

You can also find playlists of the LUMO gospel videos organized by language and region on the Bible. is YouTube Channel.


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