Local Music and Arts for Better Communication

The Netherlands

Local music and arts for better communication Use of winsome, local art forms is getting wonderful Scripture Engagement results across our globe! Dr Paul Kuivinen and Justin Randolph from SIL's Eurasia Scripture-in-Context team are offering a 4-day training track at EMDC (Eurasia Media Distribution Consultation)...

OneStory Introductory Workshop – Redcliffe College, UK

Redcliffe College College Green, Gloucester

Bible Storying is for you if you are: Interested in learning about story crafting and biblical storying. Already, or planning to, work with Scripture in an oral culture. Already, or planning to, work with people who enjoy audio and visual ways of learning. Bible Storying...


Simply The Story – Storytelling Workshop

La Maison du Père ZI La Petite Vallée, Cauffry

Inductive Bible Study - Oral Style: Learn to easily remember and tell Bible stories and teach using discussion to guide people deep into God's Word. Practice using questions that help family and friends,  groups and individuals discover spiritual treasures and make personal applications within Bible...

Chronological Bible Storying

Redcliffe College College Green, Gloucester

Gain the skills to help people engage with God’s Word through the retelling of Biblical Stories.


Back to Orality: Embodying Jesus in Post-Textual Europe

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies St Philip & St James Church, Woodstock Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire

For centuries, European Christianity has been shaped by a strong, over-arching cultural norm: reading! Believers are encouraged to read the Bible and Christian books while ministers form their preaching and service by studying commentaries and works of theology. In fact, the impact of the printed...

Bible Storytelling

Moorlands college 10 College Green, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

This week-long course is for you if you are interested in communicating God’s word to an oral culture through story crafting and Bible storying. It is run by Moorlands College, UK, but based in Gloucester this year. Date(s) 6 – 10 January 2020 (optional social...


(POSTPONED) Arts for a Better Future – U.K.

All Nations Easneye, ,, Ware

You are invited to a week long arts course at All Nations college, in England, 12th - 17th July 2020. The aim is for you to be able help local communities draw on their artistic resources to help them respond to their spiritual, social and...

Discovering and learning oral teaching methods

WEC International Germany Hof Häusel 4, Eppstein

Orality is not merely about communicating verbally instead of writing, but it is about thinking patterns, what kind of information seems relevant and interesting, how is information remembered and how is it passed on to others. 70% of the world population are oral learners, either...


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