Orality Journal Volume 5 Number 2

V4N2 Deciding and Planning Together

An introduction to participatory learning and communication is provided through an in-depth look at a participatory mindset, participatory techniques, and participatory tools, as well as a consideration of how such an approach fits with oral-preference comm...

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V4N2 From The Field

Helpful observations from the field

V4N2 The Ten Seed Technique with Village Leaders in Southeast Asia

Two seasoned practitioners document a participatory method used by an indigenous NGO to engage communities in addressing the problem of alcoholism.

V4N2 Lions and Eagles and Estuaries: Oh My!

Leadership Lab provides another reminder of how valuable a multifaceted learning experience can be to facilitate participant engagement.

V4N2 Discovering Together and Increasing Responsibility

A reflection on the value of participatory communication as a church community considers the hindrances to training up the next generation of Christian children.

V4N2 SWAMP-IN: A Case Study of Ministry Transformation through Participatory Discussion

A participatory discussion transformed an outreach among Native Americans, resulting in more fruitful ministry, effective communication, leadership engagement, and even healthy delegation.

V4N2 Growing Awareness about Oral Communicators

An account of one literate preference worker’s experience in trying to facilitate oral-preference communicators and lessons she learned on the way.

V4N2 A Participatory Approach to Song-crafting

In this case study from South Asia, the author emphasizes the strengths of a participatory training approach as it relates to a workshop which sought to teach women how to craft songs and appreciate the cultural music expertise they already possessed.

V4N1 My Journey in Bible Storytelling

Bible storyteller continues his blog in this journal

V4N1 Leader Development Laboratory: Japanese Oral Culture

We discover that a highly developed literate society in Japan is actually very much an orality based culture.

V4N1 Literacy and Orality Working Together

Case studies of why recovering an oral approach and integrating both literate and oral approaches can bring fruitful results.

V4N1 William Carey’s discovery of Oral Learning Preference in the Propagation of Indian Christianity

After learning the social context, Carey adjusted his Gospel strategy to embrace orality.

V3N2 Storytelling Works at the Salon

A seasoned practitioner shares with us how to use biblical storytelling in everyday situations.

V3N2 Scripture Relevance Dramas

This article looks at how to turn training into high impact engagement with scripture; full of hints and steps, she shows how high impact can take place through solid consideration of worldviews and orality principles.

V3N2 The Brain Makes the Difference

An intriguing look at how boys and girls learn, or not, and implications for the classroom and the expansion of the 4—14 movement.

V3N2 Orality in Japan

This laboratory takes us to the highly literate country of Japan, and we discover how leaders are embracing orality.

V3N2 Theological Education in Honor-Shame Cultures

Thoughtful conversation and revisiting contextualization in our daily work.

V3N2 Questions from New Storytellers

J.O. Terry provides sage responses to frequently asked questions by new storytellers.

V3N1 Mobilizing the Story

The digitoral era is here and changing how we engage the audiences. This article provides a meaningful look at trends and our personal involvement.

V3N1 Creating Learning Communities

The authors provide drivers and practical steps for creating learning environments.

I Love to Learn but I Don’t Like to Read: The Rise of Secondary Oral Learning

A multi-year research showing the shift of learning preferences in the classrooms.

Improving Memory for Bible Story Content by Using a Scene-Visualization Process

Memory at work helping us to learn the story and to retell it over and over.

“Mobilizing” the Story of His Glory

The exponential rise of mobile usage has great implications for the Church and oral preference learners.

Leader Development and Orality: A Lab on Leadership Formation in the Church of Asia

A look at how participatory learning works in different networks.

More Than Words: Linguistics, Language and Meaning

What is involved when we have mental images and pictures that are uttered and spoken and then written with meaning that are contextually framed?

The Arts: Effectively Packaging the Gospel for Oral Audiences

Arts is vital to the communication process; the author offers examples and provides practical ways for communities to be involved.

Media: The Mortar that Holds It Together

What is the role of media in the discipline of orality, and how does it work in church planting and disciple making?

Using Rituals to Disciple Oral Learners: Part 1

What can we learn from the powerful effects of rituals from cultures and how can rituals be used for meaningful discipleship.

Mind the Gap: If This Is Your Land, then Where Are Your Stories?

What and where are our stories that help us claim the land?

Church Planting Movements among Oral Learners

Case studies of using orality strategies in church planting movements.

Inside-out Stories

When a ministry retools, what are the outcomes?

Ten Mistakes of a New Bible Storyteller

Wisdom from a storytelling practitioner.

Literacy, Orality, and the Web

What oral communication can accomplish in Bible translation projects that print communication alone cannot.

Contextualizing the Gospel in a Visual World

In a media saturated world, how do we contextualize Kingdom stories for the new generation?

One Thousand Orphans Tell God’s Story

The author shares what could happen when a ministry retools in real-time and includes orality principles and practices.

The Two Journeys of Shanti and Jasmine

This article offers insights and elucidation of the rippling effects when orality is practiced in hi-tech communities.

The Worldwide Spread of Bible Storying: A Look at Where We’ve Been

An overview of the recent history and expansion of the Bible Storytelling movement.

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