One Thousand Orphans Tell God’s Story

The author shares what could happen when a ministry retools in real-time and includes orality principles and practices.

The Two Journeys of Shanti and Jasmine

This article offers insights and elucidation of the rippling effects when orality is practiced in hi-tech communities.

The Worldwide Spread of Bible Storying: A Look at Where We’ve Been

An overview of the recent history and expansion of the Bible Storytelling movement.

The Extent of Orality: 2012 Update

Using UN and OCED stats, the author shares how a credible analysis emerges concerning the size of oral preference learners in the world today.

Mind the Gap: Bhutan as a Case Study

A fresh look at using orality in Bhutan.

Let’s Do the Twist: Learning the Dance of Telling Interesting Bible Stories

The author explains how we experience stories through our own lenses shaped by our experiences and the cultural norms and values of our communities.

Important Points to Remember when Storytelling

Excellent practical tips on what to keep in mind.

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