Using Rituals to Disciple Oral Learners: Part 1

What can we learn from the powerful effects of rituals from cultures and how can rituals be used for meaningful discipleship.

Mind the Gap: If This Is Your Land, then Where Are Your Stories?

What and where are our stories that help us claim the land?

Church Planting Movements among Oral Learners

Case studies of using orality strategies in church planting movements.

Inside-out Stories

When a ministry retools, what are the outcomes?

Ten Mistakes of a New Bible Storyteller

Wisdom from a storytelling practitioner.

Literacy, Orality, and the Web

What oral communication can accomplish in Bible translation projects that print communication alone cannot.

Contextualizing the Gospel in a Visual World

In a media saturated world, how do we contextualize Kingdom stories for the new generation?

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