I Love to Learn but I Don’t Like to Read: The Rise of Secondary Oral Learning

A multi-year research showing the shift of learning preferences in the classrooms.

Improving Memory for Bible Story Content by Using a Scene-Visualization Process

Memory at work helping us to learn the story and to retell it over and over.

“Mobilizing” the Story of His Glory

The exponential rise of mobile usage has great implications for the Church and oral preference learners.

Leader Development and Orality: A Lab on Leadership Formation in the Church of Asia

A look at how participatory learning works in different networks.

More Than Words: Linguistics, Language and Meaning

What is involved when we have mental images and pictures that are uttered and spoken and then written with meaning that are contextually framed?

The Arts: Effectively Packaging the Gospel for Oral Audiences

Arts is vital to the communication process; the author offers examples and provides practical ways for communities to be involved.

Media: The Mortar that Holds It Together

What is the role of media in the discipline of orality, and how does it work in church planting and disciple making?

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