V3N2 Storytelling Works at the Salon

A seasoned practitioner shares with us how to use biblical storytelling in everyday situations.

V3N2 Scripture Relevance Dramas

This article looks at how to turn training into high impact engagement with scripture; full of hints and steps, she shows how high impact can take place through solid consideration of worldviews and orality principles.

V3N2 The Brain Makes the Difference

An intriguing look at how boys and girls learn, or not, and implications for the classroom and the expansion of the 4—14 movement.

V3N2 Orality in Japan

This laboratory takes us to the highly literate country of Japan, and we discover how leaders are embracing orality.

V3N2 Theological Education in Honor-Shame Cultures

Thoughtful conversation and revisiting contextualization in our daily work.

V3N2 Questions from New Storytellers

J.O. Terry provides sage responses to frequently asked questions by new storytellers.

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