V4N2 Deciding and Planning Together

An introduction to participatory learning and communication is provided through an in-depth look at a participatory mindset, participatory techniques, and participatory tools, as well as a consideration of how such an approach fits with oral-preference comm...

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V4N2 From The Field

Helpful observations from the field

V4N2 The Ten Seed Technique with Village Leaders in Southeast Asia

Two seasoned practitioners document a participatory method used by an indigenous NGO to engage communities in addressing the problem of alcoholism.

V4N2 Lions and Eagles and Estuaries: Oh My!

Leadership Lab provides another reminder of how valuable a multifaceted learning experience can be to facilitate participant engagement.

V4N2 Discovering Together and Increasing Responsibility

A reflection on the value of participatory communication as a church community considers the hindrances to training up the next generation of Christian children.

V4N2 SWAMP-IN: A Case Study of Ministry Transformation through Participatory Discussion

A participatory discussion transformed an outreach among Native Americans, resulting in more fruitful ministry, effective communication, leadership engagement, and even healthy delegation.

V4N2 Growing Awareness about Oral Communicators

An account of one literate preference worker’s experience in trying to facilitate oral-preference communicators and lessons she learned on the way.

V4N2 A Participatory Approach to Song-crafting

In this case study from South Asia, the author emphasizes the strengths of a participatory training approach as it relates to a workshop which sought to teach women how to craft songs and appreciate the cultural music expertise they already possessed.

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