Global Mapping Project


The Global Mapping Project provides an aid for the mission force to more accurately define, describe, identify, and build programs with the Oral Majority based on their degree of orality reliance. The Orality Survey quantifies the level of orality reliance based on 20 valid characteristics, and places the people group on a grid for simple identification of key factors to understand when building strategies or programs. The collaborative project maps all remaining Unreached People Groups, and any others whom organizations survey, with an open source security enhanced platform and provide a continually updated source of data, and high impact instructional design templates.

You and/or your organization can participate in the Orality Index and Survey and the interactive map of all unreached peoples (eventually every people group on the planet). You may access the survey by May 1, 2017, complete it according to directions, and upload your data to the website.

For more information contact Chuck Madinger:
[email protected]


Organizations or individuals working among any unreached people group willing to complete the survey and report the data.


Funding will be essential for receiving, storing, analyzing and mapping the data. This is a real-time project accessible on an open platform. It has no direct missions ties, and protects the identity of those providing the data. It simply measures the extent of a group’s orality reliance, places them on a grid (similar to personality traits), gives general characteristics, and provides a planning template for instructional or communication design strategies. On the other hand, it can provide the foundation for an “end-to-end” strategy for reaching any given people group.

Funding needs to come from all sources: organizational, foundations and individual donors.

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