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Dear ION Community,

Many good articles about orality are available in English, but apart from the Making Disciples of Oral Learners book, I'm not aware of any articles or books about orality printed/published in Spanish. If you know of any, would you please email me at asaks@simplythestory.org ? Thanks!

Querido Comunidad ION,

Hay varios articulos sobre la oralidad disponibles en inglés, pero aparte del libro, Haciendo Discípulos de los que Aprenden Oralmente, desconozco ningún artículo o libro sobre la oralidad imprimido o publicado en español. Si usted conoce alguno, por favor ¿podría escribirame por correo electrónico a asaks@simplythestory.org? ¡Gracias!


I’d just like to be know if there are any articles or books about orality published in Spanish besides Making Disciples of Oral Learners. If not, I wonder if anyone would be willing to translate the many good articles that exist in English. I know Spanish, but not well enough to translate published articles without errors.

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