Heart Music

Heart music is amazingly powerful and a core concept of multicultural worship. So what is it? The lights went out in the middle of the rehearsal. It was a power cut in Nepal and I was playing the Himalayan lute in a community song and dance troupe. As cand...

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Media Specialists

We are looking for qualified people to assist in original production, and localization of the Deditos video series. The needs include audio engineers, video editors, special effects artists (Adobe AE), a traffic manager and a digital asset manager. Personne...

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Orality Bible Project

No Place Left are designing a Bible storybook for making disciples of people who cannot read. Each master icon illustrates the Bible story’s main idea and fuels the imagination.

Arts – The Seven Disciplines of Orality

Erica Logan leads a session on the Arts & Orality - one of the Seven Disciplines

A Participatory Approach to Song-crafting

In this case study from South Asia, the author emphasises the strengths of a participatory training approach as it relates to a workshop which sought to teach women how to craft songs and appreciate the cultural music expertise they already possessed.

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Scripture Relevance Dramas

This article looks at how to turn training into high impact engagement with scripture; full of hints and steps, she shows how high impact can take place through solid consideration of worldviews and orality principles.

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The Arts: Effectively Packaging the Gospel for Oral Audiences

Arts is vital to the communication process; the author offers examples and provides practical ways for communities to be involved.

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