Orality in Pioneer Business Planting

What does orality have to do with business? As we begin to experience the economic impact business is having in emerging nations, we must stop and ask ourselves if business is having the social and spiritual impact in the world we had hoped to see.

Storytelling in the Business World

Jerry Wiles is President Emeritus of Living Water International and North America Regional Director of the International Orality Network. He has more than 30 years of experience in ministry and international mission work, has been a paradigm pioneer in the ...

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How Stories Build Company Culture

We asked 5 professionals and company owners engaged in business as mission to share how they have experienced stories being used to build company culture. We often use stories of our past experiences to show empathy and encourage our staff. When we feel t...

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Orality in Business

While attending a very high level, exclusive leadership training, we were taken to the largest independent advertising agency in the U.S. There is a catwalk that is prominently suspended in the middle of the open stairwell where the company news is shared. ...

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