Sharing Spiritual Light With Those Who Cannot See

Raahithya is a 32-year-old young man from India who is continually hungry to know more about God. Employed at a local bank, he is the only Christian in his family. Two years ago, Raahithya came across a TWR India radio program. This is his story: “I r...

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Love, Marriage, Car Chase

Newlyweds Vincent and Sofia held on in the back of a police Jeep as it charged through side streets and alleys at top speed. In hot pursuit rode a pack of angry men on motorcycles. Frightened, Sofia gripped Vincent’s arm tightly. Where were they going? What...

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The Bible for the Unreached

Did you know that there are about 400 sign languages in the world and none of them yet have the whole of the Bible? Deaf Opportunity Outreach (DOOR) International, which has a centre in Kenya, is working to change this.

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