Media Specialists

We are looking for qualified people to assist in original production, and localization of the Deditos video series. The needs include audio engineers, video editors, special effects artists (Adobe AE), a traffic manager and a digital asset manager. Personne...

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Application 1: Arts Open Tibetan Hearts to the Gospel

A synthesizing of Tibetan cultural arts and the Christian message of hope enables Tibetans to believe in Jesus.

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Application 3: Community Engagement through Ethnodramatology

Dance, drama, and the blurring of the line between “performers” and “participants” are ways in which the presentation of the gospel is engaging local cultures.

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Application 6: Church Planting with Bible Storying and the Creative Arts

By combining storytelling with various artistic expressions, effective strategies are developing for communicating the gospel in culturally relevant ways.

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Application 11: Arts Enliven Scripture-based Storytelling

An organization has experienced the favor of God as a result of its commitment to oral communication strategies

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