Singing the Gospel: How Oral Learners Encounter Truth

In Africa, many village women sing to stay motivated as they work. Children are taught cultural values through songs and stories recounted during initiation rites. The Toposa people of South Sudan are no different. They sing about harvest time or a favorite...

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Community Transformation in Tanzania

During my time in Tanzania in June, I went back to Vunde, a small village in the Tanga region, where I had worked earlier this year. I facilitated a 4-day class called WASH that teaches about water, sanitation and hygiene, using Bible stories as examples fo...

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Intersection: Stories Impacting women in Ethiopia

Genet Elias is a Bible storyteller in the Esther Project Ethiopia. Following a proven method, she learns stories, practices telling them and encourages other women to do the same. The confidence she gained from Bible storytelling helped Genet share God’s Wo...

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Remember to Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes when what has been prayed over and carefully prepared begins, it becomes messy, tangled, and unpleasant. If this is true anywhere, it is true in Africa. But, messy, tangled, and unpleasant is not always disast...

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Africa Appointments & Consultations

Appointment of Bramuel Musya to Executive Team of ION Dr. David Swarr welcomed Bramuel Musya as part of the Executive Team of ION. Bramuel shared that he is glad to bring back to Africa the global voice as he interacts with others. With a background in medi...

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