Equipping the Next Generation

The future of the Middle East and North Africa will be defined by its next generation. Join with thousands of Christians across the globe from 5–12 November to pray for SAT-7’s work in equipping people’s lives.

Back to the Future Pedagogy

Asian church leaders discuss the tradition of experiential learning set in their culture and its potential effectiveness for seeking Christian transformation.

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Orality in Education

On my first day of school as a newly minted high school English teacher, I faced two classes of low-level seniors. They stared back at me, 23 years old, barely older than they. One student bragged, “We got rid of a teacher and two subs last year. How long d...

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Fruitful Labor: Leadership Development And Global Implications For Theological Education In Oral Contexts

Leaders development in highly oral contexts and in non-formal setting, how to empower and how to assess.

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Creating Learning Communities

The authors provide drivers and practical steps for creating learning environments.

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Constructivism, Cross-cultural Teaching, and Orality

Classroom environments can be created intentionally; the writer describes how this worked amongst indigenous communities.

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I Love to Learn but I Don’t Like to Read: The Rise of Secondary Oral Learning

A multi-year research showing the shift of learning preferences in the classrooms.

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Pathways include:formal; informal; non-formal training: theological, pastoral, leadership, government, market place…

The Importance of Repetition for Oral Communicators

How do oral preference learners learn? Why is repetition important? Will this provide greater effectiveness?

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Going for Local

A missionary artist in West Africa taught me how to walk into a local market empty-handed and walk out with indigenous materials. She would look for scraps of fabric, discarded candy wrappers, plants with staining qualities useful for painting, and newsprin...

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