Leadership for Life

Houston, TX (ANS) – The most important aspect to consider in relation to leadership is leading others to a relationship with Christ.  There are many factors to take into consideration when we think of effective leadership, but only a few have eternal benefi...

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Orality Missiology: The Leadership Factor

Good leadership is needed all over the world. There is global awareness and recognition of the need for good leadership. The important question is, what is good leadership and how does one become a good leader? 

Flipping the Leadership Model “Upside-Down”

One of the most disheartening things I’ve seen in Western missions is leadership that continues to drive an attitude of “I know all the answers” and “I need to be the one making the decisions” and “Nothing happens without my being there, providing my input....

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Director of Pastor Development – Spoken Worldwide

Title: Director of Pastor Development Reports To: Senior Vice President of Field Ministry Position Status: Full Time; Support-Raised Salary: To Be Determined OVERVIEW: The Director of Pastor Development leads the program team, strategically align...

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September 2017 Prayer Focus

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” The longer I serve as Senior Associate for Prayer with the International Orality Network the more I realize the need to have praye...

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Leader Development and Orality

What does it take to train leaders when they cannot read and write? When most of the world’s Christian resources are made for the literate world, how do we equip the majority? How do we come alongside the vastly growing Church of the world and empower them ...

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What If We Could Tell the Great Story Like the Greatest Storyteller?

Imagine 1,000 emerging Christian leaders, ages 25-35, coming from four corners of the globe. It became a reality last week as they converged in Indonesia for seven days (August 3-10, 2016) for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Summit. They came to connect, pray,...

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A day in the Presence in the prayer room

Looking toward the beginning of the 6th month, pondering  the rest of 2016…. At the beginning of the year, the Lord gave us the word “REFRESH” for 2016. He began speaking this beginning in December as I looked into what the ION Prayer Focus might be g...

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Lions and Eagles and Estuaries: Oh My!

Leadership Lab provides another reminder of how valuable a multifaceted learning experience can be to facilitate participant engagement.

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Leader Development Laboratory: Japanese Oral Culture

We discover that a highly developed literate society in Japan is actually very much an orality based culture.

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Fruitful Labor: Leadership Development And Global Implications For Theological Education In Oral Contexts

Leaders development in highly oral contexts and in non-formal setting, how to empower and how to assess.

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How Orality Helps Develop Leaders

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to train 27 believers as prayer-walkers. Now, I’m sure that most of the group were highly literate. However, they were to be trainers when they went back home. It was important to size up the people present and the...

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Honor-Status Reversal—Dominant Motif of the Biblical Grand Narrative

A survey across both the Old and New Testament recognizing honor-shame within the Gospel message.

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Making the Best Use of our Time

As we entered 2015 a few weeks ago, I found it interesting that the Lord spoke into my life at least three different times, from three different sources unbeknownst to one another, and all saying essentially the same thing. The picture you see here was the ...

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