Making Disciples

Getting Resources to the Least Reached

I’m shocked and saddened when I hear that less than 1/100 of .1% (which equates to .0001) of the world’s annual charitable giving goes to places in the world needing the gospel the most.Did you hear that?

Discovering God’s Truth Through Story

Have you ever had one of those moments in which you get so excited about discovering a new truth that it causes you to look at things entirely differently? Your pulse quickens, your eyes light up and something that seemed so distant and non-personal suddenl...

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Contagious, Passionate Disciples, Where are They?

Contagious, passionate followers of Jesus! Have you ever met one? You know it when you do. Recently one of our pioneering SIU partners from Nepal came through town to visit our team. He is a soft-spoken, humble “Man of Peace” who smiles often. The light of ...

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Biblical Content for a Movement

My first two visits to a small group that was trying to multiply disciples in a diverse international city were filled with anticipation. My heart thrilled to see them organize their time into looking back for worship, encouragement, celebration and account...

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Oral Disciple Making: A Return to First Principles

When it comes to following and obeying Jesus, it sometimes takes time to clarify exactly what that means. With 2,000 years of history and church traditions, there is a very real need to rethink, re-evaluate and rediscover the most important thing about what...

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A Skeptic Starts A Strong Movement of Disciple Making

A pastor named Roba came to Agali and expressed serious doubts that existing churches could change to become disciple making movements.  Agali did not argue but challenged Roba to start the process in his community. Roba took the challenge and went to his c...

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Seeking and Finding Commonalities

Common ground, common sense and common courtesy are pretty important these days. In many ways and in many places, they seem to be in short supply. Having traveled, served and ministered in many countries and in diverse cultures, I've noticed that there are ...

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5 Lessons Learned While Living on Mission

The American culture trains us to be devastatingly independent with a front-runner, do it your own way approach. The Lord, however, desires us to humble ourselves to be willing to learn from each other and those who have gone before us. Here are five import...

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I Must Multiply

We met him in Zimbabwe in October of 2012. Having no interest in his brother Nhamo’s Christianity, John poured his passion into his job as a big game-hunting guide. Nhamo told our training team, “I keep telling John he’s been caught in Jesus’s net-he just d...

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Loving across languages

Love is in the air… at least, it is in the grocery store where I can venture past an aisle of chocolates and breeze through balloons and roses on my way to the deli. I’m not seeing very many expressions of love on social media, though. We must not take our...

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Essentials 24 Translation

The Essentials 24 website has 24 lessons that take people on a journey from basic Biblical knowledge to more in-depth learning. We are looking to translate our materials into a number of different languages, to assist more people growing in their knowledge ...

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Connecting for Change — Experiencing Chance Encounters

What we might think of as chance encounters, may be better described as God’s redemptive connections. Years ago I came across a small booklet titled “There are no accidents with God.” Another author who has had a significant influence in my life is DeVern F...

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Pastors occasionally connect with me about evangelism and discipleship for their church. It was great talking with a church planter / preacher in another state recently regarding his attempt to preach hoping to disciple his congregation. Together, we contra...

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Stop! In the name of Love

The Supremes’ lead singer, Diana Ross, pleaded with her man not to leave her and go to another woman. The lyrics of that 1965 hit cried, “Stop! In the name of love before you break my heart. Baby baby, I’m aware of where you go / Each time you leave my door...

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Who should be in your storying group?

Donald McGavran, a missiologist, defined the Homogeneous Unit Principle as “a section of society in which all members have some characteristic in common.” The global work in missions for people groups was built around the HUP. IMB defines a people group as ...

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Going for Local

A missionary artist in West Africa taught me how to walk into a local market empty-handed and walk out with indigenous materials. She would look for scraps of fabric, discarded candy wrappers, plants with staining qualities useful for painting, and newsprin...

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