Bringing the Bible to Life in One Thousand Languages

    Faith Comes By Hearing exists to share God’s Word in audio. Every month we add more of the world’s languages to our inventory of Bible recordings destined to become freely accessible on a variety of platforms. One of the most effective formats...

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The Value of Vision

Faith Comes By Hearing has aligned itself with hundreds of churches, Bible Societies, and translation organizations to fulfill the Great Commission and make God's Word accessible to everyone who needs it by 2033. Like the Body of Christ, these ministries wo...

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The DMM Platform

At The DMM Platform, we are experiencing the Kingdom breakthroughs that come when those who have never heard of Jesus hear Him speaking in their heart language. Simple, reproducible churches emerge as people in some of the most difficult and hard-to-reach p...

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6 Ways God Used the Pandemic to Open Doors for Gospel Ministry in Senegal

In Senegal, Muslim-majority country in West Africa, MTW missionary Jim has partnered with a local Senegalese pastor to train four budding Christian leaders to be pastors and church planters

Audio and Video Tools for Oral People

From the time our smartphone alarms wake us in the morning until our heads hit our pillows at night, we are immersed in the ever-expanding world of technology. We benefit from technology in many ways, and without it, many of us would find it impossible to f...

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Reaching Oral People with the Gospel

Oral people come from all walks of life: Perhaps you can read, but prefer to hear. Audio is how you best take in information. You would rather have a recording of a sermon or a school lesson than take notes because you absorb the points better that way.

SAT-7 Airs all-day life agape film festival on day of PENTECOST

SAT-7 marked the day of Pentecost this year with an international festival of Christian film aired in collaboration with partner Life Agape. A slate of impactful Christian movies in Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi were broadcast across three channels on Sunday 2...

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Upping Their Game – the App
Upping Their Game – the App

It’s not uncommon to go back to a ministry app and find that it hasn’t been updated in years or, even worse, that it is no longer available. Thankfully, that’s not the story of Faith Comes by Hearing’s app, which has gone through significant change...

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Listening to the Gospel in North Korea

TWR broadcasts the truth of the gospel over radio waves into some of the most closed countries in the world--including North Korea. Occasionally, our staff in South Korea receives letters from from listeners in the North thanking TWR for ministering to them.

Youssef is searching for truth online

Youssef has questions about Jesus and Josh has truth about Him. But they live in separate areas of the same city without knowing the other exists. How can they connect? Many people in these areas are going online to ask spiritual questions—just like Youssef.

Learning from our brothers in the East

Everyday experiences of isolation are something that all of us have become familiar with since the arrival of COVID-19. Middle East and North African (MENA) nations have been affected too, although isolation in other ways is a daily reality that many of the...

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Japan Programs Combat Disasters

Haruka* slumped into her living room chair, her shoulders hunched forward. She breathed deeply, then exhaled hard, almost a breath of desperation.  Her life unraveling and her worries mounting, Haruka pleaded with God. “Are You deserting me?”   Turning her...

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Isolated Together

Millions of children are now in self isolation in their homes in Turkey, and so are most of the SAT-7 TÜRK staff. Determined to joyfully share a message of encouragement, hope, and love to its young viewers, we are broadcasting its children’s program from a...

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SAT-7 Shares Church Messages as One Body During Pandemic

Through its non-denominational approach, SAT-7 is providing viewers spiritual messages from churches to unite believers in Christ. Since the first week of the coronavirus crisis, videos from churches in Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Jordan continue to po...

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Hannah’s Vision

I first started to think about filming the Gospels when my church installed a screen and I wanted to be able to show Bible footage to my Sunday School members: children who were from very diverse ethnic backgrounds. I could only find films for children depi...

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Gospel Films

This is the story of Jesus. This is the story of hope for mankind. This is the greatest story ever told. Gospel Films are a ground-breaking, multi-language biblical resource that will transform the way people around the world discover, study, and engage wit...

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A Deep Thirst for Hope in Syria

Since the Arab Spring of 2011, Syria continues to be torn by war until today. Debilitated infrastructure, lack of security, inflation, armed conflicts and continuous displacement of people, mark daily life in Syria. Mina Awny, Presenter of Family of Jesus o...

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A Lifetime Experience

I love broadcasting and I love working with SAT-7 because of my background in media. I have two degrees in broadcasting and started my career on a gourmet cooking show with Julia Child. When I started a family, I began to volunteer in the media ministry of ...

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From Rejection to Hope

The Kurdish people have a history of rejection. They do not have a country of their own but live in an area known as ‘Kurdistan’ that spreads across Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. The majority of the Kurdish people speak Kurmanji, one of several Kurdish lang...

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Growing orality trends impact how we share the Gospel

Instagram and Facebook are expanding their TV platforms. Podcasts are growing in popularity. More and more, people are ditching written text in favor of audio and visual communication. These modern developments are not only shifting how society shares infor...

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Animating the Bible for Children

In an effort to engage Persian-speaking children with stories about Jesus, the creative team at SAT-7 Persia are producing a new animated Bible series. These unique animations depicting the life of Christ are bound to draw the attention of children and adul...

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The Tree of Life and Worship!

We recently sent a team to South Asia to teach about using the arts to reach out to communities. Participants from a previous workshop worked together with the American team to facilitate this year’s training. The group stayed in a beautiful area full of ru...

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Forbidden Words Over the Air Bring Salvation

As college classmates in northeastern Africa, Beza and Naomi spent a lot of time together studying and enjoying each other’s company. Their abiding friendship helped save Beza’s life – physically and spiritually.

Equipping Little Musicians

SAT-7's Persian children’s series Little Musician is teaching young Persian-speakers how to play a musical instrument. Some of these young viewers may go on to lead Persian-speaking believers in worship in Iran and beyond.

New Songs to Help Spread Message of Transformation

Our team watched as thirteen pastors danced and sang in praise to God, nearly hitting the microphones in front of them that helped to record this newly written song. The song told the biblical story of Peter and John healing the lame man (Acts 3:1-10). Five...

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Bravery to Proclaim the Gospel Boldly

In October, Heart Sounds International sent a team to Southeast Asia to record some of the first worship songs amongst a people group. As the team prepared to depart, they became aware of the government’s tightening of religious activities. Many missionary ...

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The Bible like you have never experienced before

Whether in a home setting with just a smartphone, or in a 360˚ projection dome equipped with moving seats, wind, mist, scent, bubbles, snow, and flying actors, imagine experiencing the Bible as a participant in the great Story.

The Magi: Kings, Priests, or Enemy agents?

Omeed Jouyandé explains why Herod and “all Jerusalem” had good reason to be alarmed by the arrival of a group of Magi from Parthia. But their mission was not as Herod feared – and their faith and identity remains an inspiration for Iranian Christians today.

Women Finding Hope in Despair

Being a woman in the Middle East can be challenging at the best of times. But what if you are a woman struggling with financial insecurity and raising children on your own? Nasrin, a SAT-7 viewer from Iran, was one among the millions of women searching for ...

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Influencing the Hearts and Minds of the Youth

The youth of every generation all over the world strive to break free of tradition; to be different from what they know and find their own identity. Considering that the arts and creativity strongly influence culture and the hearts and minds of any given co...

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Sharing the Incredible Faith of Brave Syrian Children

Many young children in Syria have known nothing but war. Their entire lives have been marked by violence and loss. But the children SAT-7 KIDS met on a recent visit were anything but broken. Despite their sadness, many were also full of hope, joy, and faith...

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Music & Drama in Tanzania

Harvest season (June-August) is when ngoma (traditional music, dance, and storytelling) is danced, people have time on their hands and a little extra money in their pockets. It’s the best time to visit. We shared stories, studied the Bible together and cre...

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Igniting New Albanian Worship Music

Heart Sounds International (HSI) is a ministry of OM Arts that helps churches all around the world create new worship songs, using their own local expressions of music and arts. In April, a team of five traveled to Kosovo to hold songwriting workshops for l...

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The Power of the Family of God

A woman listens as another sings. Tears flood her eyes. This is the first time that she has attended a prayer meeting that has ended with music ethnically her own and not borrowed from another language. She only knows of perhaps 60-70 believers in her coun...

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“Faith Comes Through Hearing” and Understanding

Take a moment to reflect on the last lecture or sermon that captivated your imagination, resonated with you in a meaningful way, and ultimately transformed your thinking. What elements of this particular talk especially impacted you?

2018 NAR Conference – Media Gateway Breakout

Catch up or refresh yourself with the audio recordings of the Gateway breakout session "Media" from ION’s 2018 North America Regional Conference, which took place in Orlando, FL in September 2018, with the theme 'Many Applications - One Mandate'.

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2018 NAR Conference – Media Audio and Video Scripture Engagement Gateway Breakout

Catch up or refresh yourself with the audio recordings of the Gateway breakout session "Media Audio and Video Scripture Engagement" from ION’s 2018 North America Regional Conference, which took place in Orlando, FL in September 2018, with the theme 'Many Ap...

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2018 NAR Conference – Visual Theology Workshop

Catch up or refresh yourself with the audio recordings of the workshop session "Visual Theology, Understanding and Creating Images Which Speak" from ION’s 2018 North America Regional Conference, which took place in Orlando, FL in September 2018, with the th...

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2018 NAR Conference – Visual Storytelling (With or Without Visuals) Workshop

Catch up or refresh yourself with the audio recordings of the workshop session "Visual Storytelling (With or Without Visuals)" from ION’s 2018 North America Regional Conference, which took place in Orlando, FL in September 2018, with the theme 'Many Applica...

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Carlos Found a Father

As a young Colombian boy, Carlos left his family and moved to the north. There he learned how to grow and make cocaine and became deeply involved in drug dealing. Every day, Carlos got more responsibilities. Eventually, he started his own farm and made lots...

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Witness to New Beautiful Worship

Three years ago, a team from HSI and an American church visited South Asia to survey the worship life of churches and make plans for a songwriting and recording project with local musicians and pastors. After many years of prayer and preparation, this proje...

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Becoming Fishers of Men

And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 One of the most rewarding parts of working with a culture is when you witness an amazing new connection of that culture and the Gospel.

Teaching and Equipping Christians in the MENA

Take a moment to reflect on the last lecture or sermon that captivated your imagination, resonated with you in a meaningful way, and ultimately transformed your thinking. What elements of this particular talk especially impacted you?

Praise Is Rising

Praise is rising! This is the message that kept coming to the Heart Sounds International team, even as they prepared to travel to Tanzania. The group felt that they should continue in this attitude of praise, and that they would be breaking up ground for se...

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Bringing Film-making Fun to Young Viewers

A new SAT-7 program documents an innovative children’s film project in Cairo, Egypt. City of Films follows young film-makers as they learn new skills in a unique “play city”, sharing the valuable experience with audience members who cannot take part in person.

Finding New Ways to Pray

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Heart Sounds International (HSI), works with artistic people who create new indigenous worship music. This creativity often transfers into ...

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ION Southeast Asia Convergence 2017

The vision of oral Bibleless unreached people groups began in 2010.  A strong conviction to develop a training program in response to that vision. In 2013, we had the first graduates of the Language and Culture Institute deployed to some of this oral Biblel...

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Capturing New Songs

Over the decades, the Great Commission mandate has resulted in various calls for involvement. OM’s Heart Sounds International adds its own slight variation: “to see vibrant worshiping communities of Jesus-followers planted.”

God Works Through Numerous Art Forms

It was with great pleasure that HSI entered into its first project last autumn within a particular East Asian region. Our focus was to offer a songwriting workshop and make a recording of ten previously composed worship songs. In addition, the team offered...

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Equipping the Next Generation

The future of the Middle East and North Africa will be defined by its next generation. Join with thousands of Christians across the globe from 5–12 November to pray for SAT-7’s work in equipping people’s lives.

Media Specialists

We are looking for qualified people to assist in original production, and localization of the Deditos video series. The needs include audio engineers, video editors, special effects artists (Adobe AE), a traffic manager and a digital asset manager. Personne...

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Digital Orality: How to connect your digital footprint to the world’s five billion oral learners

This exploration investigates how to communicate in today’s “Conceptual Age,” employing digital media to connect with a predominately oral world.

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How Will We Speak? On Film, Memory, and Mimicking God’s Communication Style

A film director and producer recount their pursuit of seeking to understand how God speaks and how He, as the Master Storyteller, invites us to speak.

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Creating Indigenous Films

A cross-cultural filmmaker offers an inside perspective on the process of creating audio-visual media projects in Asia.

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Orality: Intergenerational and Cross Cultural

After 30 long hours of travel they arrived in the remote village deep in India. Cloaked in a headscarf a young woman shared the story of the Woman at the Well. Jesus’ prophetic words to the Samaritan woman left the crowd speechless. That storyteller was me.

Connecting Your Digital Footprint to the World’s 5 Billion Oral Learners

Twenty years ago the idea of Digital Orality was reserved to a few cutting edge ideas like solar powered cassette players. But now, nearly every living person on the planet is within digital reach. With a solid understanding of how orality works and is then...

Captivating Learners through the Art of Digital Storytelling

Take a moment to reflect on the last lecture or sermon that captivated your imagination, resonated with you in a meaningful way, and ultimately transformed your thinking. What elements of this particular talk especially impacted you?

Impacting the Youth Through Music

In January, Heart Sounds International sent a team of five to South Asia to work alongside the longest established Christian rock band. For 18 years, this group of men has impacted the lives of youth through its music, inspiring hundreds to become musicians...

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Making the Gospel Available in Every Home

Dr Ascott, founder and CEO of SAT-7, had a eureka moment one day as he was walking through a very poor area of Egypt, and watched a family living on the streets. They had very little, but they were watching a TV which was hooked up to a car battery! He real...

Finally knowing what it means to depend on Christ

Many Dukawa speakers finally know what it really means to believe and depend on Christ, whereas before they had not really understood. Over 3,800 Dukawa people have turned to Christ as a result of hearing God’s word in their own language! In early 2016, af...

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Audio Processing Editor I

Interested in working with Digital Audio? A full-time position available for an Audio Processing Editor I to ensure superior quality for Audio Scripture recordings Responsibilities include: Using Adobe Audition software, the Editor will: Add mus...

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Remember to Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes when what has been prayed over and carefully prepared begins, it becomes messy, tangled, and unpleasant. If this is true anywhere, it is true in Africa. But, messy, tangled, and unpleasant is not always disast...

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Front-End Web Applications Developer

Are you a Front-End Web Applications Developer interested in using your talents for ministry? Faith Comes by Hearing has a full-time position available for a Front-End Web Applications Developer with top-notch programming skills and experience. Respon...

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Rabindra’s Story

Disowned by his family after disclosing his Christian faith, Rabindra continues to fulfill his role as a pastor despite societal risks and challenges. Continuously facing trials of engaging local people with Scripture, he ultimately discovers a deep connect...

Oralities and Literacies: Implications for Communication and Education

Oralities and Literacies is long overdue in the sequence of publications focused on the Oral Majority. This volume reflects an emerging approach to publication that begins with a static version (e-publication and hard copy) with embryonic content. The respo...

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New Indigenous Worship Recording

It was with great pleasure that HSI entered into its first project last autumn within a particular East Asian region. Our focus was to offer a songwriting workshop and make a recording of ten previously composed worship songs. In addition, the team offered...

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The Importance of Sound

Sounds have a profound impact on people. Audio engineers play a crucial role in Heart Sounds International because they capture the locals combining their indigenous sounds with songs steeped in scripture. In the past several months, audio engineers have be...

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Gimchua’s Family

Gimchua's Family is an original gospel film produced by Create International Taiwan.

People are in love with audio Scripture

The audio version of our New Testament, I believe, has brought new hope to our people because I know that our people are not very good in reading. It’s difficult to find someone who has read through the Mwaghavul New Testament, although it has been there f...

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When the spoken word is more powerful

Nearly 70% of people in the world are from oral cultures. Even when they can read and write they often prefer to learn through oral means. This means, for Bible translation, that we must find appropriate non-print formats in which to present God’s word.

Proclaiming the word of God

Sometimes translating the Bible is a long process. Take the Bakossi language of Cameroon, for example, the project first started in 1974. The running of the project was taken over by CABTAL*  during the  1990s and the Bible was finally launched in 2011, 37 ...

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Mobilizing the Story of His Glory (Part II)

The digitoral era is here and changing how we engage the audiences. This article provides a meaningful look at trends and our personal involvement.

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“Mobilizing” the Story of His Glory

The exponential rise of mobile usage has great implications for the Church and oral preference learners.

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Media: The Mortar that Holds It Together

What is the role of media in the discipline of orality, and how does it work in church planting and disciple making?

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Contextualizing the Gospel in a Visual World

In a media saturated world, how do we contextualise Kingdom stories for the new generation?

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Pathways include: Mass; Collective; Micro; audio/ video scripture engagement; tools and methods, publishing…

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