South Carolina church turns ‘trash into cash’ for missions

Rodney Howard, center, teaching pastor at Salt and Light Church, Sumter, S.C. gathers bags of metal cans, broken appliances and scrap metal along with the help of Jerry Burke, a retired post office carrier. IMB Photo The 80-year-old man crawls halfway into ...

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A Conference You Won’t Want to Miss!

We are thrilled to invite you to our 2023 KIDStory Conference on February 24th and 25th. This is an event for those with a heart to disciple children and those serving in missions around the world! Between the two days, we have a variety of breakout session...

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Losing Everything, Yet Gaining More: Tom and Elly Streeter Celebrate 50th TWR Anniversary

TWR missionaries Tom and Elly Streeter spent 33 years serving in Monaco before relocating to TWR’s offices in the Netherlands and subsequently Cary, North Carolina. Both their daughters, Jennifer and Rachelle, were born in Monaco. It was the ultimate ...

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Giving gifts in Japan

Recently, my wife and I were invited for brunch with friends who live on the other side of Tokyo. While walking from the station to their apartment, we searched for a shop where we could buy them a gift—something interesting, tasty, and not too expensive. W...

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Orality, Memory and Disciple Making

  The Power of Personal, Relational Evangelism and Disciple Making Houston, TX (ANS) – After more than three decades of using orality-based methods and strategies with several churches, ministries and mission organizations, we’ve made some amazing discover...

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The Power of Community – Sharing Life Together

So often over the years when I’ve had conversations with people about the Lord, I discover that someone else has already had some spiritual influence on them.  They have had some exposure to the gospel.

Missionaries use trading pins as bridge to gospel conversations

Standing outside train stations, on street corners, and in neighborhood squares, IMB missionaries hold signs advertising “Free Pins.” When people stop, missionaries use the “bridge” trading pins to talk about grace, hope, love, community, and faith. With in...

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Setting Iranian children on the right path

Speaking to how important it is for children to have access to God’s Word in Iran, Zohreh says: “We didn’t hear stories of Jesus and the Bible on TV or at school. These kids are the future of this country, and they have to find God’s way – not the wrong way...

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Why this emphasis on accuracy?

Is it really so important that the retelling of the story is exact, word for word? We believe it is! What if someone is telling this story to a group of traditional, oral learners? They may be accustomed to the recitations of the dervish, the griot or the s...

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Connecting, Caring and Changing Lives

I met a man in Nashville while passing through a revolving door at an entrance to a downtown hotel. I smiled and greeted the man as he was exiting, and I was entering the hotel. Immediately the man turned around and followed me into the lobby to ask me a q...

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Violence Against Christians in Africa Is Increasing

How do you see persecution? According to Open Doors, 1 in 8 Christians worldwide experience persecution for their faith. That’s 1 in 8 of us whose faith can come at great cost — in some cases, even at the cost of life itself.

Little ‘Trimtabs’ that have Big Impact for God’s Kingdom
Little ‘Trimtabs’ that have Big Impact for God’s Kingdom

There are many African proverbs about mosquitos.  One of those says, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.”  Anyone who has done much international travel in the more tropical regions of the wor...

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The Role of Orality for Disciple Making

It would be a valuable exercise to consider what is meant by Disciple Making and Church. There is a growing awareness with many now for the need to focus more on disciple making, rather than church planting and church growth, although in many cases we’re ta...

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The Power of Community and Missional Living

When followers of Jesus grasp the significance of being on mission with God, it can become a delight to share His life changing message with others.  It’s also a great joy to be a part of a community where there is a tangible demonstration of love and unity...

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The Place of Orality in the Great Commission

What is the Great Commission anyway?  A recent study showed that a large percentage of church goers in North America did not know.  A very simple summary of the Great Commission could be “communicating the Gospel to everyone” and “making disciples (follower...

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Director of Pastor Development – Spoken Worldwide

Title: Director of Pastor Development Reports To: Senior Vice President of Field Ministry Position Status: Full Time; Support-Raised Salary: To Be Determined OVERVIEW: The Director of Pastor Development leads the program team, strategically align...

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I Like to Learn, But Not to Read: Orality and Missions

I met Watt at a pastoral training event in his home country in East Africa. His lean face looked weather-beaten. My colleague Doug told several stories from the book of Acts, then asked the group, “Have any of you ever been persecuted for your faith in Chri...

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Mission Summer Blitzes

Many followers of Jesus in the United States go on mission trips during the summer months. The majority drive into Mexico. However, an increasing number travel to help a career missionary as they serve among an unreached people group.

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