Essentials 24 Translation

The Essentials 24 website has 24 lessons that take people on a journey from basic Biblical knowledge to more in-depth learning. We are looking to translate our materials into a number of different languages, to assist more people growing in their knowledge ...

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Orality in Education

On my first day of school as a newly minted high school English teacher, I faced two classes of low-level seniors. They stared back at me, 23 years old, barely older than they. One student bragged, “We got rid of a teacher and two subs last year. How long d...

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3 Ways Bible Storying can open hearts to God

For most people in our world, reading about Jesus will never connect to their heart, only hearing about him. And yet so many of our evangelism and disciple-making strategies rely on words printed on a page.

Telling God’s Story to the Sweater People

In one of the most difficult places to serve in the world, the writer describes how communities learn through orality strategies.

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Church Planting Movements among Oral Learners

Case studies of using orality strategies in church planting movements.

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The Two Journeys of Shanti and Jasmine

This article offers insights and elucidation of the rippling effects when orality is practiced in hi-tech communities.

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Focused Outreach

Pathways include:church planting; youth & children; secondary orality; minorities & indigenous peoples; diasporas; students; women; family…

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