ION Southeast Asia Convergence 2017

The vision of oral Bibleless unreached people groups began in 2010.  A strong conviction to develop a training program in response to that vision. In 2013, we had the first graduates of the Language and Culture Institute deployed to some of this oral Biblel...

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Mining for Local Art Gems in the Philippines

We were a team of almost 20 people (Filipino and American), representing multiple organisations and a variety of art disciplines: music, dance, visual art, photography, audio recording, drama, storytelling, jewelry-making, 3D paper crafts and even quilling....

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KIDStory Philippines, A Church Engagement Initiative of Wycliffe Philippines

Truly a first for KIDStory: an international training team of 11 people from 4 countries equipping over 300 people to reach and disciple the children of Manila and its surrounding communities.


About a million Filipinos leave the country annually for economic and political reasons. This “brain-drain” and “brawn-drain” phenomenon through decades never diminished. Filipinos can be seen in more than 200 countries and soon all the countries of the wor...

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Why the Philippines?

Dr. Romer Macalinao shares why International Orality Network is launching ION Philippines. "It is the Vision of the Philippine Church to be deeply involved in reaching the last of the unreached people groups - that are oral learners"

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