A New Day in India

We now face the most difficult days in the recent history of India.  Our president is bound to establish our country as a Hindu nation following the demands of Muslim and Buddhist countries all around him.  Yet these are possibly the best days the church of...

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Village by village

To answer God’s call to translate Scripture, Victor and Shanta have followed a long, hard road. They are Indian, but they are far from home. And the cost has been high. The state where they now would live has more than three times the people than their hom...

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Orality in Short Term Missions

The book of Acts details the spread of the gospel from Jerusalem to the world during the lifetimes of the apostles. Today, the church carries the gospel to unreached people and places as a part of that same mission. While some methods have changed, like the...

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Dancing and Singing to the Lord

The Fiji Men’s Rugby team, against all odds, won the first ever Olympic Gold for their country in a Rugby sporting venue, which Fiji has not participated in since the 1924 Summer Olympic Games held in Paris.

Case Studies From the Field

Helpful Observations and Case Studies from the Field: Discussions with Community Stakeholders in Nepal about Language Development Reflections on Using a Participatory Approach Reflections on a Village Facilitation about a Community’s Real Needs Reflections ...

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The Ten Seed Technique

Two seasoned practitioners document a participatory method used by an indigenous NGO to engage communities in addressing the problem of alcoholism.

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A Participatory Approach to Song-crafting

In this case study from South Asia, the author emphasises the strengths of a participatory training approach as it relates to a workshop which sought to teach women how to craft songs and appreciate the cultural music expertise they already possessed.

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