Sadder and Sadder

Stop! What’s that?” Our non-Christian translator, Edward, held up his hand. His face was pale, as we sat under the mango tree outside our training room translating stories from the Passion Week. We all listened. We heard one of our trainers calling one of o...

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Experiencing God Among the Unreached

The road seemed to go nowhere “Tall, African bush almost towered above us,” Michael reported from a story movement trip in Africa. “I looked around and all I could see was grass-carpeted vast land dotted with flat-topped trees. We had covered quite a distan...

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Heart Music

Heart music is amazingly powerful and a core concept of multicultural worship. So what is it? The lights went out in the middle of the rehearsal. It was a power cut in Nepal and I was playing the Himalayan lute in a community song and dance troupe. As cand...

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And it was really beautiful

I wanted a band. I wished we could have our own songs. We have them in Tagalog and English, but not in Ifugao. So we just prayed about it. I said to one of the musicians, “Can you help me find some singers? If we have singers, I will try to find funding f...

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Why People of Every Tongue?

As Americans, we all speak English and most of us do not travel beyond our borders. So the need to understand people of different nationalities, for me, was minimal... until the last few years when many immigrants came to Texas, where I live. Now my husband...

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Foundation 2: Artistic Expression in Early Christianity

This brief survey of artistic expressions within the Early Church invites contemporary application within today’s worship community.

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