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The Gospel and the Spoken Word: ION NAR Conference, Toronto, Oct 3-5, 2019

We are pleased to give advanced notification that the 2019 ION North American Region Conference with take place in Toronto, Oct. 3-5, 2019. The theme for this year's conference will be '1 WORD 4 ALL - Embodying Jesus in a Post-Textual Society' Please ...

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Orality: An Infographic – Lausanne Movement

The Lausanne Movement has published a new Orality Infographic for your use.

ION Africa Consultation – Lubumbashi, August 21- 25, 2018

By DR VICTOR MADZIAKAPITA REGIONAL DIRECTOR FOR ION AFRICA AUGUST 28, 2018   Introduction ION Africa in its 2018 plan included the introduction of oralityto a French Speaking Country. The desire was to do this in DRC and at that time Bunya in Eas...

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SAVE THE DATE: ION European Consultation, Sep 26-28, 2019

We are pleased to give advanced notification of a consultation that will be held in Europe, in partnership with Oxford Centre for Missions Studies (OCMS), September 26-28, 2019 in Oxford, UK. More details to follow.

SAVE THE DATE: ION European Consultation, Sep 26-18, 2019

We are pleased to give advanced notification of a consultation that will be held in Europe, in partnership with Oxford Centre for Missions Studies (OCMS), September 26-18, 2019 in Oxford, UK. More details to follow.

Digital Orality: How to connect your digital footprint to the world’s five billion oral learners

This exploration investigates how to communicate in today’s “Conceptual Age,” employing digital media to connect with a predominately oral world.

How Will We Speak? On Film, Memory, and Mimicking God’s Communication Style

A film director and producer recount their pursuit of seeking to understand how God speaks and how He, as the Master Storyteller, invites us to speak.

Translation, Literacy, and Orality: Reflections from the Domain of Bible Translation

A senior translator probes the multi-layered nature of orality and its relationship with Bible translation.

The Art of Natural Translations

This article explores how incorporating local artistic forms into a Bible translation project enhances the naturalness of a biblical passage.

What Do You Mean? Why Communication Breakdowns Happen

By contrasting two different communication models (process and semiotic), Gravelle analyzes how experience and environment influence the communication process.

Orality as a Means to Engaging Culture and Language

Written from grassroots experience, Wafler describes how orality can transform the language and culture learning experience.

Proclaiming the Gospel through the Use of Church Banners: A Case Study from Singapore

Kwa offers an oral perspective on how churches in Singapore engage culture through church banners.

Discipleship in the Face of Orality

Has orality been effectively applied to discipleship? Arnett offers a critical analysis of typical shortcomings as well as practical steps forward.

Save the Date! 2017 NAR ION Conference

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a North America Regional Conference, September 11-13 at the Focus on the Family Campus, Colorado Springs [action full_width="yes" content_in_grid="yes" type="normal" text_font_weight="" show_button="yes...

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Relating 1: The Art of Silence – A Posture of Relationships

This article explores the value of the art of silence to establish relationships and release indigenous creativity, particularly through prayer, space, and trust.

Relating 2: Mentoring Artists

Interested in how mentoring and artistry work together? This practical perspective on cross-cultural mentoring, specifically between artists, emphasizes the importance of cultivating character formation through personal interaction.

Dialoguing 1: Beyond Listening – Arts and Orality in India

This interview captures the excitement of how orality is enabling people to appreciate their own cultural artistic expressions and to be transformed by the Christian message.

Dialoguing 2: Finding our Gifts -Encouraging Local Arts in Guinea-Bissau

Sanha provides experienced reflections from a “local artist” perspective on the power of indigenous arts, the stewardship of artistic gifts, and ideas on integrating different art forms within the church.

2016 NAR Conference Theme: Word Without Borders

We are excited to announce the theme for ION's North America Regional Conference in Houston, TX (Sept 12-14): Word Without borders Orality: making Him known through creativity and culture.

Caught in the Chaos | ION Community News
Caught in the Chaos

Praying, Caring and Sharing: Surviving the Brussels Terrorist Attacks By Jerry Wiles, President Emeritus, Living Water International, Special to ASSIST News Service

India Orality Think Tank

On May 13th this year, ION will be hosting a one day event that will be held in New Delhi, bringing together a select group of leaders from across India who represent church, missions, Bible agencies and theological institutions. The purpose of this Think T...

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Foundation 1: The Biblical Basis for Indigenous Arts in Worship

The worship of God in “spirit and truth” presents both the goal and fuel of missions, which allows for a surprising freedom of indigenous cultural expression.

Foundation 2: Artistic Expression in Early Christianity

This brief survey of artistic expressions within the Early Church invites contemporary application within today’s worship community.

Foundation 3: Cross-cultural Communication through Symbol

Christian symbols, both historically and contemporarily, enable clearer communication of the gospel across cultures.

Application 1: Arts Open Tibetan Hearts to the Gospel

A synthesizing of Tibetan cultural arts and the Christian message of hope enables Tibetans to believe in Jesus.

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Elements of a Strategy Change

Yankelovich, a research company, provided the world with a study that said the average American was exposed to 5,000 advertising messages every day. Common sense says that we cannot process that much input. A study in 2014 by Media Dynamics, Inc., confirmed...

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Deciding and Planning Together

An introduction to participatory learning and communication is provided through an in-depth look at a participatory mindset, participatory techniques, and participatory tools, as well as a consideration of how such an approach fits with oral-preference com...

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Case Studies From the Field

Helpful Observations and Case Studies from the Field: Discussions with Community Stakeholders in Nepal about Language Development Reflections on Using a Participatory Approach Reflections on a Village Facilitation about a Community’s Real Needs Reflecti...

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Lions and Eagles and Estuaries: Oh My!

Leadership Lab provides another reminder of how valuable a multifaceted learning experience can be to facilitate participant engagement.

Growing Awareness about Oral Communicators

An account of one literate preference worker’s experience in trying to facilitate oral-preference communicators and lessons she learned on the way.


Pastors occasionally connect with me about evangelism and discipleship for their church. It was great talking with a church planter / preacher in another state recently regarding his attempt to preach hoping to disciple his congregation. Together, we contra...

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