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SAT-7 viewers will enjoy a hope-filled slate of Christmas programs in Arabic, Turkish, and Persian this week. From programs sharing gifts and Bibles with isolated villagers, children in an orphanage, and impoverished families, to live church services and sp...

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Surprised by the Work of God

While visiting with a friend who owns a car dealership in the Washington DC area, I had a phone conversation and shared the gospel with a young man I had never met before. He was receptive and open to the Lord, so we had prayer together and he received Chr...

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Thirsting for Living Water

Clean Water and the Living Water of Jesus brings Joy and Transformation HOUSTON, TX (ANS) – A few years ago I visited a region in Kenya where there had been several years of severe drought. Most of the water wells in the region were dry. Living Water Int...

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Rethinking Church Life, Disciple Making and THE WORD

There are many valuable traditions and spiritual disciplines that can enhance our relationship and walk with God. However, our life in Christ and our walk with Him is not sustained by what we do, our spiritual disciplines.

Recordings reach where we can’t go

The Tamajaq (or Tuareg as they are often called in the West) travel across a vast area of the Sahara Desert, stretching from far southwestern Libya, to southern Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, where the biggest group is found.

7 things you might not know about sign languages

  Did you know? There are at least 392 sign languages worldwide (and counting!) Sign languages have their own grammatical structures that are different from the spoken languages in the same areas. Those who use sign languages often also h...

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Prayers and Conversations that Ignite Movements

Increasing numbers of mission and ministry leaders, pastors and church leaders, business professionals and ordinary followers of Jesus are now paying attention to the Orality Movement. There are a number of global mission leaders who are saying that it cou...

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The Power of Community – Sharing Life Together

So often over the years when I’ve had conversations with people about the Lord, I discover that someone else has already had some spiritual influence on them.  They have had some exposure to the gospel.

Missionaries use trading pins as bridge to gospel conversations

Standing outside train stations, on street corners, and in neighborhood squares, IMB missionaries hold signs advertising “Free Pins.” When people stop, missionaries use the “bridge” trading pins to talk about grace, hope, love, community, and faith. With...

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Behind the Lens: How Bible storying changed Seni’s life

IMB photographers share stories from their photo collections For several years I have been documenting the work of West Africans and IMB missionaries using oral methods to evangelize the lost, disciple believers, and plant churches. Orality strateg...

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Praying for Bibleless people

Incredibly, some Bibleless people are already Christians, like the Vures people of Papua New Guinea – 95% of them identify as Christian, but they don’t have any Scripture in the language that speaks to them best.

Winning Souls With Bible Storytelling

I’m Jenanna Cook, a member of our e3 Oral Strategy Team with e3 Partners Ministry. Over six years ago, I participated in an e3 Story Training for Trainers workshop where I learned how to share God’s Word through Bible storytelling—a method that is powerful ...

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Young adult becomes first known believer in Southeast Asian unreached people group

When an individual from an unengaged, unreached people group comes to faith, many rejoice: the missionaries who’ve dedicated their lives to reaching the people group, the believers and churches in the United States who’ve spent time praying for and investin...

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Thru the Bible Gives Suicidal Man a Reason to Live

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the lives of billions of people around the world. Some have lost friends and loved ones, while others have lost their livelihood. Satan has used the pandemic to spread loneliness, isolation and hopelessness. But th...

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Audio and Video Tools for Oral People

From the time our smartphone alarms wake us in the morning until our heads hit our pillows at night, we are immersed in the ever-expanding world of technology. We benefit from technology in many ways, and without it, many of us would find it impossible to f...

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Where can I find a Bible in my language?

‘I can understand French with my ear and Swahili with my mind, but my own language I understand with my heart.’ – a pastor from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Some Scripture – the whole Bible, the New Testament, or portions and stories – exists in ov...

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