How is ION Organized?

In order to become truly global as a network, and to provide multiple onramps for engagement with serving oral learners, ION's activity is organized into Regional Orality Communities, Gateways, and Pathways.

[cover_boxes active_element="1" title1="What are Regional Orality Communities?" text1="12 regional communities which are interdisciplinary in nature and geographically defined" link1="/about/how-is-ion-organized/regions-gateways/" link_label1="Learn More" target1="_self" title2="What are Gateways?" text2="7 affinity areas around which we associate together to learn and collaborate, defined generally by discipline or sphere of influence. These gateways may be active at a local, national, regional, and international level to allow anyone, anywhere to engage with serving oral learners." link2="/about/how-is-ion-organized/regions-gateways/" link_label2="Learn more" target2="_self" title3="What are pathways?" text3="Multiple avenues for serving among specific target groups (destinations), functionally or demographically defined. Pathways will be visible under each Gateway as they emerge." link3="#learn-more" link_label3="Learn More" target3="_self" image1="4182" image3="4184" image2="4183"]
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