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Children As Story Tellers

When children learn stories, they tend to tell stories.  One of the things we’ve observed all over the world is how children can have a significant role in the spreading of the gospel.  There seems to be a growing recognition of the place of equipping ...

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Oral Learning People Groups in the US: Refugees and Immigrants

There is an incredible opportunity in missions right here in the US, at our own doorsteps! As you probably know, there are many thousands of unreached people throughout our country who have come as refugees, asylum ...

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Using Arts in Trauma Healing

Imagine living in a society where you are considered garbage. Women in Sierra Leone already face challenges, but the women in a recent workshop have the added stigma of being blind, deaf, or disabled in other ways.

The Clarification Factor: Fruitful Living and Ministry

We are certainly living in a time where we need a lot of clarification on a wide range of issues.  Many people make judgments based on limited awareness and knowledge.  Often the problem is being exposed to the wrong source...

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Comprehensive Oral Bible Strategies: Essential to Effective Kingdom Building

It is a fact that many of the unengaged and least-reached people groups in the world live in hard-to-access places and belong to traditional, oral cultures. Books and printed materials are not part of ...

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From Rejection to Hope

The Kurdish people have a history of rejection. They do not have a country of their own but live in an area known as ‘Kurdistan’ that spreads across Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. The majority of the Kurdish people speak Kurmanji, one of several Kurdish la...

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The story of Global Recordings Network

How do we tell the story of Jesus to those who can’t read or write? Kenny takes you on a tour of Global Recordings Network where audio Bibles in more than 6,000 languages are changing lives every day.

Global Recordings Network UK

How do we tell the story of Jesus to those who can't read or write? Kenny takes you on a tour of Global Recordings Network UK where audio Bibles in more than 6,000 languages are changing lives every day.

Posted by Wycliffe Bible Translators UK and Ireland on Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Characteristics of “Healthy” Oral Bible House Churches

As the leader of SIU, I often am asked what I consider a success in terms of new church plants. What is a “healthy” oral Bible house church? It's most important to seek out those who live, breathe and participate in the...

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The Place of Orality in the Marketplace

Many of those who are new to the Orali...

Prayer, the Word, and the Great Commission

Prayer leaders and mobilizers are s...

Integrating the Traditional Oral Arts

The drama ended with song and dance in c...

What is Bible storying?

Probably every people group in history has used storie...

Why the Community Caste Focus is Needed

Let us start with how people perceive ...

Animating the Bible for Children

In an effort to engage Persian-speaking child...

The Trimtab Factor and Church Multiplication

Trimtab was an entirely new term ...

The Kindness Factor and Kingdom Impact

The gentleman was a little surprised as...

Hearing the Truth at Last

Imagine this: You’re sitting on a worn, wooden bench...

The Tree of Life and Worship!

We recently sent a team to South Asia to teach a...

The Trust Factor and the Good News

When you hear news reports, or when someone...

An Open Door Opens Hearts

God works in many ways to reveal his love for people...

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    December 7 @ 8:30 am - 4:30 pm CST at Living Water International

    You are invited to a Bible Storying training workshop at the Living Waters International offices in Stafford, near Houston Texas.  Contextual Bible Storying, plus advanced Orality methods and impact stories. Saturday, December 7, 2019 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Living Water International 4001 Greenbriar Dr....

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    January 6, 2020 @ 8:30 am - January 10, 2020 @ 5:30 pm UTC+0 at Moorlands college

    This week-long course is for you if you are interested in communicating God’s word to an oral culture through story crafting and Bible storying. It is run by Moorlands College, UK, but based in Gloucester this year. Date(s) 6 – 10 January 2020 (optional social...

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