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The Dialogue Style of Jesus

Very early in our ministry we often asked some “analytical, expository” questions about the Bible. In our ignorance about oral tradition and learning styles, our dialogue attempts met with awkward silence. But one day  we were struck by the simplicit...

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Orality Missiology: The Relationship Factor

We often say that the Kingdom of God is based on relationships.  Of course, our relationship with the Lord is the first and foremost relationship.  When we are in a right relationship with our Heavenly Father, the Creator God of the U...

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Honor, Shame and the Gospel: Reshaping the Messenger

Sam Winfield teaches about the dynamics of honor / shame cultures at the Honor Shame conference at Wheaton College in 2017. He puts forward the case that the cultures of the Bible were based on honor / shame, and unless West...

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Miguel’s Dream

Miguel awoke from a dream early one morning at his home in Honduras. He couldn’t figure out what it meant, but he had experienced it so many times now, that he remembered it vividly.

New Songs to Help Spread Message of Transformation

Our team watched as thirteen pastors danced and sang in praise to God, nearly hitting the microphones in front of them that helped to record this newly written song. The song told the biblical story of Peter and John healing th...

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Orality Missiology: The Kingdom Leveraging Factor

Strategic Resource Leveraging is something I first heard about years ago from Dr. Ron Jenson, known as America’s Life Coach.  Some of my friends in the business world use the term Force Multipliers. These are powerful concepts t...

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Remembering Pioneer Jim Slack

“Hello World!” was Jim Slack’s enthusiastic greeting to coworkers and his exclamation whenever he learned something new. An unassuming man always in good humor, Slack became one of Southern Baptists’ most influential missiologists during a 50-year ...

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We Have Never Heard Anything Like It!

A church congregation in Cameroon hears the Easter story in their own language for the very first time.


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A Gospel Patron

As Jesus and His disciples benefited from individuals working ...

Orality Missiology: The Redemptive Factor

In a recent conversation, my wife a...

Potential Harvest

Even though StoryRunners has never worked in Niger, a 99.5% ...

Orality Missiology: The Perception Factor

Over the years I’ve often heard peo...

Bravery to Proclaim the Gospel Boldly

In October, Heart Sounds International s...

Orality Missiology: The Leadership Factor

Good leadership is needed all over ...

What’s an endangered language?

Pandas. Elephants. Monarch butterflies. W...

Orality Missiology: The Networking Factor

Almost everything in life works bet...

Overcoming Fears to Reach Our Neighbors

One of the things our SIU team looks f...

Orality Missiology: The Multiplication Factor

When I think about Orality Miss...

Simple. Organic. Reproducible.

As I traveled to a number of missions conferenc...

Orality Missiology: A New Reformation?

When I think about Orality Missiology,...

The Magi: Kings, Priests, or Enemy agents?

Omeed Jouyandé explains why Herod a...

Seeking God’s Favor

Formerly, Deladem served as the mediator between the...

From Atheist to Bible Translator

Growing up in a restrictive West Asian countr...

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