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The initial feedback from the North America Regional ION Conference, Word Without Borders, in Houston this past September has been very encouraging. We welcome your ongoing reflections as well as suggestions on how we can improve in the 2017 ION Conference.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this new role as the North America Regional Director of ION, and would appreciate everyone’s prayers as we seek to follow the Lord’s direction in this next season of the Orality Movement. We have an amazing team of leaders in ION, and my sense is that we are on the verge of significant growth and impact in the days ahead.

More people are aware of the orality Movement now than at any other time in modern Church history, and there seems to be a growing interest among followers of Jesus to know more about orality. On our learning journey we are discovering the multiple approaches and applications of orality concepts, principles and practices. Once someone experiences the power of orality methods and strategies in communicating the Gospel and making disciples, they often discover many other useful relational, communal and participatory applications.

Seven gateways were featured in the Word Without Borders conference, and there are several additional pathways, or strategic initiatives, that are emerging and being developed. One of these is the International Society for Orality Missiology, which has been in the making over the last couple of years. The ISOM will serve as a resource bank to support and assist institutions that are creating orality study programs, as well as scholars and students doing advanced studies and/or dissertations on orality or related disciplines.

Another strategic initiative is the Orality in Business Network. This network will provide training and resources to assist those seeking to have greater impact for the Kingdom in the workplace, marketplace or business world. In reality, anyone seeking to bring the love and message of Jesus into any segment of society can benefit from this initiative.

More details on these, as well as other new initiatives, will be shared in the days ahead. Be sure to visit here often and keep an eye out for additional updates and upcoming opportunities to engage with what God is doing to advance His kingdom through the orality movement. Your suggestions, ideas and input are always welcome.


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