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The initial feedback from the 2017 North America Regional ION Conference in Colorado Springs has been very encouraging.  “Orality:  An In Depth Look” was a fitting theme for what we experienced.  Watch for more details coming soon about next year’s conference scheduled for Orlando, Sept. 17-19, 2018.

As the Orality Movement is growing and maturing, we are discovering the multiple applications of the concepts, principles and practices of Orality to enhance evangelism, disciple making and church planting.  However, there are many other applications, including areas such as storytelling, integral mission, community health, arts and media, relief and development, leadership training, to name a few. In our learning journey of the movement, Orality methods are now being effectively used in short-term mission trips, business as mission, racial reconciliation and trauma therapy.

While there are numerous applications and aspects of the Orality domain, the heart of what we are about is the Great Commission; communicating the Gospel and making disciples, but doing so in ways that are biblical, universal, cross-cultural and reproducible.  (See more on Gateways)

Orality methods and strategies are critical in terms of mission efforts in the most difficult places, limited or creative access countries, and ministering among refugee and immigrant communities at home and abroad.  They enable us to cross every barrier and border on the planet. Other applications can include prison ministries, reaching street gangs, the homeless, ex-pats and re-pats, international students and diplomatic communities.

Advocates and practitioners of Orality would say that anyone involved in communicating, training or relationship-building can benefit from Orality Training.

In other words, pretty much everyone can benefit.

For example, Orality can improve relationships within local congregations, by promoting unity and cooperation, as well as among pastors and church leaders on a regional basis.  Many are finding the methods effective in family devotions and oral inductive Bible study groups.

There is much we can learn from the more relational, communal, Oral cultures primarily found in the Global South.  Of course, there is much we can learn from the life, teachings and Spirit of Jesus, as well as the Apostles and the Early Church.  The concepts, principles and practices of Orality are what allowed the Gospel to spread throughout the entire populated world in the First Century.

In many ways, the Orality Movement is simply getting back to the roots of the Church and the most effective ways that people have learned, communicated and processed information from the beginning of time. Ultimately it is the work of the Holy Spirit who produces lasting fruit.

We are grateful for all the new people the Lord is bringing into the movement and look forward to all He has in store for the future.  Keep an eye out for more details to come on upcoming conferences, consultations, resources, training opportunities and events below.

Upcoming Events

  • Finishing the Task Conference

    December 5 @ 7:30 am - December 7 @ 5:00 pm PST at Saddleback Church

    Finishing The Task is an association of mission agencies and churches who want to see reproducing churches planted among every people groups in the world.  Does this passion also burn in your heart? Then we invite you to join us this year at the 2017...

  • 2018 North American Regional Conference

    September 17, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - September 19, 2018 @ 9:00 pm EDT at

    We are excited to announce dates for the 2018 ION North America Regional Conference in Orlando, FL, Sept. 17-19, 2018. Save the date now, and look out for more details in the months to come.

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