Thirteen-year-old Bijan from Iran recently got in touch with Persian children’s show Hashtag, asking to give his life to Jesus. Here, he shares his story of faith – ending with a beautiful prayer that blessed the whole team.

I am thirteen years old, and I started to believe in Jesus about two years ago. My parents have been believers for six years. When I was younger, I found it interesting to listen to them pray, and sometimes I prayed with them and said “Amen”. As I heard more about Christ, I was drawn by His personality. Then by chance, I found a picture book at my grandmother’s house about how Christ lived and the things He did, which I picked up and read. I found it really interesting.

I watched the Jesus Film several times, and as I learnt about His miracles, my jaw was on the floor in surprise! No one in the world could do such huge miracles – how He healed the sick and brought the dead back to life. No one can do these things unless he is a great physician, and such a doctor could only heal the sick but wouldn’t be able to forgive our sins.

So it was that I thought about it and believed that Christ is the only Saviour and He alone can forgive our sins – because all of us have sinned and continue to do so, but He went to the cross for our sins, He died and came back to life so that we might be saved. So I believed.

For a time, though, I stayed apart from Christ and I used my mobile phone to look at things that I shouldn’t have seen. As I confessed all my sins to Christ, the Lord changed my heart and caused me to see each of my sins before my eyes and I repented of them. I give thanks to the Lord that He has forgiven my sins and those of my family.

I am now so happy that although I may not have many things, I have Christ.

Please pray for my uncle who says he has no religion and he doesn’t believe in God. He says that God is just people’s imagination, but I believe in Jesus and I would like to see my uncle meet with Christ, too.

Lord, thank you for the life You have given to my family and me, and thank You for letting me come into Your presence. Please help us to live with joy, whether in poverty or in plenty. I am so happy and I thank you for the things you have given us. Help us walk alongside You both in sad and happy times, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, help me to confess my sins. Because we all sin; it was only Your son Jesus Christ who did not sin, but instead He went to the cross that our sins might be forgiven.

Just as the Lord asked Peter if he loved Him, I too want to confess three times that I love you, Jesus. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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