One country, five months, five New Testament launches

Exciting events in Tanzania in the coming months reflect how the pace of Bible translation is accelerating.

Youth voices in Lebanon

Lebanon, Our Story seeks to tap into the power of storytelling in order to write a new, shared story for Lebanon, one based on openness, transparency, and accountability. The project was formed in response to poor civic engagement and social erosion driven ...

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No Text? No Problem. The Advent of Oral Bible Translation

Everyone needs God’s Word, so Faith Comes By Hearing works hard to expand the audience around Scripture’s life-saving message. How? By recording and freely providing Audio Bibles in the world’s languages.

The Tablet of your Heart

Houston, TX (ANS) – A new study reveals how Bible reading has declined greatly in North America over recent years. “Spending time in the Word of God” is a phrase that has been around for some time.

Water and the Word, for Life, In Jesus’ name

There is much speculation and there are many theories about the origin and history of water on earth. However, for those of us who believe in the authority and accuracy of the Scriptures, we can accept the fact that God created water, as He is the Creator o...

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Leadership for Life

Houston, TX (ANS) – The most important aspect to consider in relation to leadership is leading others to a relationship with Christ.  There are many factors to take into consideration when we think of effective leadership, but only a few have eternal benefi...

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How God Transformed a Community

Orality Training for Trainers in Ethiopia HOUSTON, TX (ANS) —Over a period of about five years, Living Water International, in partnership with local churches, conducted Orality Training with more than 1,200 pastors, evangelists, missionaries and church pla...

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I can hear you

Yohannes, Addis, Teunis and Joseph (L-R). (Credit Teunis van Woudenbergh.) Addis, Yohannes, and Joseph had normal childhoods in rural Ethiopia. They enjoyed going to school with friends and playing sports. But that was interrupted when they fell ill one day...

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Seeing God’s glory in business

Kibir is an SIM Ethiopia ministry that uses missional business to make a kingdom impact, primarily through consultation and training. With Ethiopia’s high unemployment rates and pressure in the marketplace, they’re equipping Christians who are professionals...

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Waves of Hope flood Loja on FM radio once more

After five years of silence, Waves of Hope radio is now back on 94.1 FM radio in Ecuador’s Loja province. Several of us on the SIM Ecuador ministry team witnessed the change in the antennae on the mountains of Loja and the technician yell, “We are on the ai...

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Isolated believers: North Africa

"As Christians, we always felt few and lonely. Now, as part of the SAT-7 family, we are excited to support the growth of the Church and its ability to witness to Christ," shares Samia Kessai, SAT-7 Producer and Presenter in Algeria. Samia joined Open Studio...

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Why this emphasis on accuracy?

Is it really so important that the retelling of the story is exact, word for word? We believe it is! What if someone is telling this story to a group of traditional, oral learners? They may be accustomed to the recitations of the dervish, the griot or the s...

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Exiled Mexican Believers Keep Gospel Legacy Alive

That’s Sebastian Perez’s blunt yet understated explanation of how he comes to be writing on behalf of his community of Mayan evangelicals in southern Mexico. For most readers, it’s startling to hear about the forced deconversions, beatings, sexual abuse and...

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Audio and Video Tools for Oral People

From the time our smartphone alarms wake us in the morning until our heads hit our pillows at night, we are immersed in the ever-expanding world of technology. We benefit from technology in many ways, and without it, many of us would find it impossible to f...

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Developing a Prayer, Care, Share Lifestyle

In the summer of 1982, while on a road trip across the state of Kansas, I came upon a roadblock at a construction project.  A flagman approached my car and explained that there would be about a 10-minute delay.  After a brief exchange, I asked the worker, “...

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Samuel Chiang on Orality

Samuel Chiang speaks about Orality and the differences between an Oral Culture and a literate one. He guides us through some eye opening excercises and challenges the Church on the importance of adapting to oral cultures at the Issachar Virginia Beach 2015 ...

What is Orality? An Introduction

Charles Madinger, Associate Director of the International Orality Network, provides an introduction to Orality: what it is, and why it is important?

Orality: An Infographic – Lausanne Movement

The Lausanne Movement has published a new Orality Infographic for your use.

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Connecting for Change: Worth and Value in the Kingdom of God

There is a lot of talk these days about inequality and the need for more fairness and equality. People often get the idea that their worth or value is based on their salary, possessions, title or position in an organization or society. However, God’s Kingdo...

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Samuel Chiang on Orality and Missions Today

In this podcast, JD Payne interviews Samuel Chiang, former Executive Director of the International Orality Network. We talk about communicating with oral learners, how mission agencies are embracing oral methods, and his latest book (co-edited with Grant Lo...

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Interview with Jerry Wiles

In this podcast Ted Esler, president of Missio Nexus, interviews Jerry Wiles from the International Orality Network. He explains the big picture behind oral communication strategies and how it is impacting missions today.

The Continuing and Growing Learning Journey in the Orality Movement

In a recent Orality Consultation and Advanced Training in East Africa, I was once again reminded of the power of networks and collaborative learning. The focus of this training was on developing leaders for Oral Cultures, in ways that would be reproducible ...

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Connecting for Change: The Multi-Faceted Aspects of the Orality Movement

I first came across the book “Oral Communication of the Scriptures: Insights from African Oral Art,” by Herbert Klem, and started hearing about Orality, Oral Cultures and Oral Learners back in the 1980s. It was a seemingly obscure conversation among a few m...

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Connecting for Change: Communicating Truth by All Means, Anywhere, Anytime

I had a three-hour flight between two African countries, and I was seated by two ladies from East Asia. I was reading my New Testament and one of the ladies asked me, “Is that a dictionary?” I replied, “No, it’s a New Testament.” She asked, “What is a New T...

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Connecting for Change: The Orality Movement – More than Storytelling

At about 8 am on Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, at the airport in Brussels, Belgium, a terrorist bombing took place. Two Living Water International (LWI) co-workers and I had just landed a couple of hours earlier, en-route from Liberia, West Africa, on ou...

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Orality, Print Culture and Biblical Interpretation

Written, directed, filmed and produced by Eugene Botha. Eugene Botha PhD is an academic, author, journalist, television producer and documentary filmmaker. He was a tenured professor at the University of South Africa until 2008 when he resigned to take up ...

Connecting for Change: The Phenomena of Paradigm Shifts

A modern phenomena that we often hear about these days is something called a “Paradigm Shift.” In 1962, Thomas Kuhn, an American physicist, historian and philosopher introduced the term “Paradigm Shift.” While he used the term in the context of scientific a...

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Connecting for Change: Making Known the Righteous Acts of God

At about 8 am on Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, at the airport in Brussels, Belgium, a terrorist bombing took place. Two Living Water International (LWI) co-workers and I had just landed a couple of hours earlier, en-route from Liberia, West Africa, on ou...

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Is Orality (the use of oral methods) a solid Biblical approach?

Matthew says that everywhere Jesus went he told stories.  Sitting on a cold jail house floor with 14 men around me, I gave them three verses on ‘forgiveness’ but they could not remember the first one.  I then switched to telling the story of Jos...

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Why the Philippines?

Dr. Romer Macalinao shares why International Orality Network is launching ION Philippines. "It is the Vision of the Philippine Church to be deeply involved in reaching the last of the unreached people groups - that are oral learners"

Orality Training Overview

An introduction to Orality Training and how it is used to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Oral Learning Cultures. by Scriptures in Use.

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