Application 1: Arts Open Tibetan Hearts to the Gospel

A synthesizing of Tibetan cultural arts and the Christian message of hope enables Tibetans to believe in Jesus.

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Application 2: Connecting Faith and Arts in Bali

One Christian couple has blended art and relationships in their desire to see people in Bali transformed by their “artistic” Creator.

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Application 4: Engaging People through Visual Arts

God can work in relationship-building ways in non-receptive areas when an artist remains available and accessible to local viewers.

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Application 5: Sharing Faith through Contextualized Visual Arts

Whether henna “storying” in South Asia or “contemporary indigenous art” in Australia, the visual arts provide a means of sharing the love of God.

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Application 6: Church Planting with Bible Storying and the Creative Arts

By combining storytelling with various artistic expressions, effective strategies are developing for communicating the gospel in culturally relevant ways.

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Application 8: A Balinese Painter Illustrates Biblical Characters

This dramatic case study seeks to explore the synthesising of Balinese culture, visual art, and biblical material.

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