New Wine in New Wineskins

One of our biggest challenges here in the western world, especially in our ministry outreach efforts, is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. Then when we see limited to no new impact from our same old efforts, we ponde...

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Sharing Bible stories in a hard place

“You can’t take my bike — I’ll give it to you.” The man left Abigail alone. And the bike behind. The threat was nothing new to Abigail. The confidence with which she confronted the man is newer.

A Mom With A Mission

Meet Sharon—wife and busy mother of one high- schooler and one college student—from north central Texas. So how did one week in Orlando, Florida become, as she says, “one of the greatest gifts in her life”? Sharon and her husband were in search of new ways ...

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History Cloth – 42 Chronological Bible Stories

History Cloth is a resource featuring 42 chronological Bible stories revealing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Found in Translation: Misikir Mulugeta

“Do you really believe that one needs to be literate to become a good disciple of the Lord?” When we train people to share Bible stories in oral cultures here in Ethiopia, we start with that question.

Why Study Orality with Tom O’Loughlin

Prof. Thomas O'Loughlin of the University of Nottingham explores the significance of how we communicate. Christianity emerged in an oral culture, it then played a central role in created the culture of the word-on-paper, and now has to relearn orality for ...

4 Steps to unleash your first Bible story

Last blog post, we uncovered a way of sharing the Gospel that connects with 70% of the world, and instead of hitting straight-up against worldview barriers often leaves people asking for more: Bible storytelling. So, how do you start telling Bible stories? ...

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StoryFire – Bible storytelling & discussion resource

StoryFire is a six-part audio series that trains you how to share God's Word through Bible storytelling and discussion. Based on the same principles MAF uses to train isolated church leaders around the world, StoryFire is now available for free download.

India Orality Think Tank Report

The first ION Orality Think Tank in India took place at the ISI, New Delhi. We were privileged to have a group of 35 participants from a wide variety of ministries in the fields of Bible translation, development, church planting & disciple-making, Theologic...

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Changing the Paradigm

My vision for the orality movement is that it will revolutionize the way the Christian world things about communicating the gospel and about making disciples in ways that are cross-cultural, international & reproducible. There are certain paradigm shifts a...

Connecting for Change: Changing in order to connect

HOUSTON, TX (ANS – October 7, 2015) – Why are things the way they are? Why are people the way they are, and why do they do what they do? These are vitally important questions that can be transformational and life changing when taken to heart. I personally n...

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Partnership Training for Oral Cultures

This laboratory looks at the effectiveness of “Tree of Life” (TOL) curriculum amongst oral cultures.

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Why the Philippines?

Dr. Romer Macalinao shares why International Orality Network is launching ION Philippines. "It is the Vision of the Philippine Church to be deeply involved in reaching the last of the unreached people groups - that are oral learners"

Dr. Jerry Wiles

Dr. Jerry Wiles, President Emeritus of Living Water International, became involved with Orality in 1983 through the influence of Herbert Klem’s book, Oral Communication of the Scripture. He has more than 35 years of experience in ministry and international ...

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Connecting for Change: Questions that Matter Most

HOUSTON, TX (ANS – September 1, 2015) – Why are we doing what we are doing? What are we here for? How did this get started? What is the origin and history of some particular practice or custom? These are all great questions that can prompt important convers...

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