Author: Joseph W. Handley

Lions and Eagles and Estuaries: Oh My!

Leadership Lab provides another reminder of how valuable a multifaceted learning experience can be to facilitate participant engagement.

Leader Development Laboratory: Japanese Oral Culture

We discover that a highly developed literate society in Japan is actually very much an orality based culture.

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Fruitful Labor: Leadership Development And Global Implications For Theological Education In Oral Contexts

Leaders development in highly oral contexts and in non-formal setting, how to empower and how to assess.

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Orality in Japan

This laboratory takes us to the highly literate country of Japan, and we discover how leaders are embracing orality.

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Partnership Training for Oral Cultures

This laboratory looks at the effectiveness of “Tree of Life” (TOL) curriculum amongst oral cultures.

Making the Best Use of our Time

As we entered 2015 a few weeks ago, I found it interesting that the Lord spoke into my life at least three different times, from three different sources unbeknownst to one another, and all saying essentially the same thing. The picture you see here was the ...

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