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Potential Harvest

Even though StoryRunners has never worked in Niger, a 99.5% non-Christian West African country of 22 million people, StoryRunners is still having an impact in Niger!  With few believers and a literacy rate of only 19%, Niger is a perfect place for sharing t...

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Sadder and Sadder

Stop! What’s that?” Our non-Christian translator, Edward, held up his hand. His face was pale, as we sat under the mango tree outside our training room translating stories from the Passion Week. We all listened. We heard one of our trainers calling one of o...

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Experiencing God Among the Unreached

The road seemed to go nowhere “Tall, African bush almost towered above us,” Michael reported from a story movement trip in Africa. “I looked around and all I could see was grass-carpeted vast land dotted with flat-topped trees. We had covered quite a dis...

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Telling an oral Bible story by a flowing stream in Africa

We stopped by a flowing stream for a drink of good mineral water. It so happened that there were a few people there. They were filling five-gallon plastic drums from the free flowing water to carry on their heads back to the village. I started telling the s...

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A Glimmer of Hope

This summer, StoryRunners joined forces again with E3, a partner mission agency based in Dallas, Texas. We sent one of our team leaders, Hallie, to revisit the *Haka people, an un-engaged and unreached people group who live in a restricted country in Centra...

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A Good Story in the Making

Everyone loves a good story. Jesus knew it. He didn’t engage in debates to convince people to believe in God. Instead, He told stories about people whose lives were changed-so they could listen and identify, without feeling confronted and condemned. He k...

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I Must Multiply

We met him in Zimbabwe in October of 2012. Having no interest in his brother Nhamo’s Christianity, John poured his passion into his job as a big game-hunting guide. Nhamo told our training team, “I keep telling John he’s been caught in Jesus’s net-he just d...

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Tell Me More Stories!

They live tucked away in a rugged mountain region where roads are merely mule tracks and footpaths that wind endlessly around the outer slopes of the Himalayas. Snowbound in their villages for up to four months a year, they must live entirely on what they’v...

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A Mom With A Mission

Meet Sharon—wife and busy mother of one high- schooler and one college student—from north central Texas. So how did one week in Orlando, Florida become, as she says, “one of the greatest gifts in her life”? Sharon and her husband were in search of new ways ...

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